It is true that the real cause of Malaria are mosquitoes. When you get bitten by one, you can’t escape having that malaria parasite in your body. Sometimes it is inevitable but what can be done to prevent the appearance of mosquitoes in our surrounding? At least if you cannot completely eradicate them, there are measures to take to further reduce them.

Here are some of them:


This cannot be over emphasized as it is the first and most important thing to do in order to live well. Mosquitoes look for humid and dirty places in order to breed and reproduce. By therefore keeping an environment that is not clean, you are encouraging them to spread their tent.



The next thing to do is to make use of a mosquito spray. There are so many of them now in the market. Some are more effective than others but you need to do your research to know which of them really works for you and your surroundings.



This can be very useful at times. Try using a treated net when sleeping. It will repel the mosquitoes.



For those whose blood type is AA, they frequently have malaria more than other blood types and when they eventually do have it, it may be drastic. To therefore prevent this from happening, it is advisable to take a preventive malaria drug maybe every 6 months. You may have to consult with your doctor on the best preventive drug to use so that you do not practice self-medication.



When the malaria parasite is already in the body, there are certain signs the body gives which tells you that malaria is on its way. Some of the signs are headache, fever, cold, bitter taste in the mouth, feeling of nausea (some people even throw up), general body weakness, cough and catarrh(sometimes), pains all over the body, blister underneath the nose, loss or lack of appetite, stomach pain etc. When you start feeling these signs, its best to visit the doctor so that a test can be done. It’s better to start treating it on time so that it doesn’t weigh you down than waiting for it to get so serious before commencing treatment.



A lot of people see malaria as a mild ailment but if not careful, it can be drastic. Do not take over the counter medications because they may or may not work. Most doctors prefer administering drugs that have a combination of substances because they work better when used like that. If you therefore have no knowledge of this, you might use a particular drug that may not have this combination. You’ll definitely feel better after a few days but the malaria might re occur. See the doctor!



Some people find it difficult taking medications; some stop taking them once they start feeling okay. This should not be so as the drugs work better when the proper and complete dosage is used.

All these measures should not be used once and stopped. It has to be a continuous process to see the change you desire.

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