Microsoft Incorporated recently launched the much awaited version of Windows, Windows 10 to the public on 29 July 2015. One striking thing is that it is available for free to users of Windows 7 and above. Just before you rush out to get the new OS, take a look at its pros (merits) and cons (demerits), this will strengthen your decision.

Pros and Cons of Windows 10


  1. It is free: Windows 10 is free for download for all users of Windows 7 & 8.1 as a means of promotion to get the users to upgrade to the new OS. Free only for the first year i.e. 29 July 2015 to 29 July 2016.


  1. Classic and Modern Balance: The new OS balanced perfectly the classic appearance of Windows 7 with that of the modern versions to make it easier to learn and use. The familiarity is a factor that fosters speed of learning.


  1. New Start Menu: Windows 8 replaced the Start menu with a full-screen alternative which made it the biggest problem of the version. It made switching from one program to another an issue. Windows 10 returned the Start menu which when clicked appears on top of existing desktop and could be resized by simply dragging its sides.


  1. User Friendly Interface: The new OS is mouse, keyboard and touch friendly. You can easily switch to full-screen menu to get the touch-friendly environment. Either on mouse-friendly desktop mode or touch-friendly tablet mode the OS works perfectly. You can run your desktop PC in tablet mode or vice versa.
  2. Universal Apps: Windows 10 just like the user interface changes based on the device. The software comes with Universal apps that run on PCs, tablets and phones with a unique ability to change and adapt to any form.


  1. Window Snapping: another feature of the new OS is that it makes multitasking easy in the sense that it keeps applications organized. You can organize your window any way you choose. You can decide to put all your work applications on one desktop and entertainment applications in another.

Window snapping

  1. Cortana Digital Assistant: This is a female-voiced digital assistant for searching for files and apps on the system or on the internet. It makes searching very easy.

 Cortana Digital Assistant


  1. Microsoft Edge: for a better and faster internet experience on Window 10, Microsoft Edge a new web browser comes with it. Edge was designed to out-perform Internet Explorer and other popular web browsers. Indeed from tests conducted the browser performed excellently well compared to the likes of Mozilla and Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge


  1. High Performance: The performance of Windows 10 in respect of booting and wake time is better compared to its predecessors. Though not extremely high but it is significantly high. The boot time and wake up time is quicker on Windows 10 compared to Windows 7 & 8.

High Performance


  1. Others: Windows 10 has improved set up, recovery and back up tools, action center for centralizing and managing app and system notification, seamless installation and upgrade etc.



Driver Issues: Some computers were noticed to have driver issues after installation. Some cases have been reported of systems that develop issues e.g. screen black out or blue screen of death after months of use. The solution was to re-install the OS. Ongoing updates might be able to take care of that in the nearest future.

Edge Browser Extension Issues: Microsoft Edge doesn’t presently support extensions making it of not much of a use to power web users.

Automatic Updates: Update on Windows 10 is mandatory. The mandatory automatic update feature restricts users control over updates they might not want to install.

Others: some Control Panel items are yet to be modernized, some functions have been moved around (hence the need for familiarization) and Edge lacks Thumbnail previews when multiple tabs are open.


Conclusively, now taking a look at the merits and demerits of the OS, we can deduce that the merits far outweigh the demerits. This is a very good result and should prompt ones decision to upgrade. After the failure of Vista, I have stopped being an upgrade freak. I upgraded to Windows 7 and refuse to go further, but with Window 10 now around and considering what it can do I changed that decision and decided to upgrade to 10.


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Pros and Cons of Windows 10
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