When people smile, the first thing you notice is their teeth, right? Have you ever wondered why some people have white teeth and some others yellow? Ever wondered what causes discoloration of the teeth, here are possible causes:

  • Certain foods or drinks you normally take which affects the white enamel coating of the teeth
  • You might have been born with it
  • Certain medications like antibiotics can cause it
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Poor oral hygiene

I am very sure all those who do not have an all-white teeth would be eager in finding out how to remedy this. Aside the need to therefore have perfect set of teeth, there are important things to take care of first.

Take care of that plaque: you would have noticed that when some people smile aside the colour of their teeth, they also have plaques on them. Now to have all perfect white sets of teeth, you need to work on those plaques first if not it wouldn’t make any sense if they are attached to your white teeth. Visit a dentist so that they can help you get rid of them. Dentists have special tools they use to make this happen. Once this is sorted out, you can then work on whitening your teeth.

Here are steps to take to whiten your teeth:

Visit the dentist:

You can choose the option of paying a visit to your dentist so that they can proffer a solution for you. Your dentist may put you on a schedule or routine. Ensure you adhere to them because teeth whitening is a process.

Teeth whitening toothpastes:

There are certain tooth whitening toothpastes that have been designed specifically for such. An example is the Colgate Optic White toothpaste.

Do it yourself:

Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking soda

You can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix them together although the baking soda should be less than the hydrogen peroxide. Let it be in form of a paste then use it to brush your teeth. Rinse afterwards with water. You do not need to do this too often, just once in a while so that it doesn’t have an adverse effect on your teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This can be used together with baking soda and used to brush the teeth. Since Apple Cider Vinegar contains whitening properties, it can help remove stains in the teeth. You can equally use the liquid alone as a mouth wash. You can practise this few times a week.

Fresh lemon juice & baking soda

You can try mixing baking soda with a lot of lemon juice to form a paste. Apply it on your toothbrush and us it to brush your teeth. After a while, rinse with water. The lemon here acts as a bleaching agent.


Their peels contain potassium and magnesium. The inside peel can be used to rub your teeth once or twice a day.

There are certain meals you eat that stain the teeth and if you do not exercise proper dental hygiene, over time the colour of your teeth will change. After eating such meals, try rinsing your mouth with water as this will help flush out food particles. Flossing also helps fight plaques in between the teeth. You cannot just apply any of these methods once and expect a miracle to happen, you have to devote time to do it in order to see improvements.  Good luck.




How to Whiten your Teeth
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