With dexterity he unscrewed the panel that housed the RAM of my laptop and changed the two memory modules with higher ones, screwed the panel back, replaced the battery and tested the laptop. It swings into action just immediately. After all said and done he collected his fee and I walked away. On my way I felt like I have been duped. I said to myself, “I could have done that myself and retained the cash.”


That was my story when I took my laptop to my computer engineer to upgrade the RAM. Does your laptop need upgrade due to slow booting and performance but you want to do it without spending so much? Have no fear I am going to show you few steps on how you can do it yourself.


RAM means Random Access Memory i.e. temporary memory. To upgrade a RAM is very cheap and easy. This is the easiest method of boosting the speed of a computer system. This can be done thus:


  1. Discover the compatible memory for your laptop: Before you embark on buying any RAM you have to be sure it is compatible with your laptop. And how do you do that? The simplest way imaginable is to visit crucial.com then download the Crucial System Scanner. How it works just keyed the details about your laptop into it and in response it displays details of compatible memories, maximum memory required for your system, number of slots available and other information.

Laptop RAM upgrade a

Use the information about the compatible memories to order or buy the memory you require. For example if the maximum required memory for your system is 4GB and there are two 1GB memories installed. What you need to buy if you want to increase it to say 3GB is to buy one 2GB memory (it’s better to install 2 sets to make up the total).

Laptop RAM upgrade b


  1. Shut Down your laptop: Power down your laptop, unplug the AC Adapter and disconnect every peripheral device connected, USB Drive, Internet cable etc.


  1. Remove the battery: Turn the laptop face down on a piece of cloth or form padded surface, then remove the battery.


  1. Open the panel to locate your memory: After you have located the memory module compartment, carefully unscrew the bolt holding the memory module compartment to reveal the memory inside. Some laptops would require the whole back compartment cover be unscrewed e.g. Apple.

Laptop RAM upgrade 1


  1. Ground Yourself: Before making contact with the memory module, ground yourself by touching any grounded metal like light pole etc so as to discharge any potentially damaging static electricity from your body.


  1. Remove the upper memory: from my example, to increase your RAM to 3GB, you remove the memory in the upper slot for there to be space for additional memory. To do this, push apart the clips holding it down which will make the memory to pop up tilted at an angle. Hold the memory module at its edges and lift it out without touching the gold connectors at its bottom.

Laptop RAM upgrade 2


  1. Install the old memory module in the lower slot: If there is only one memory reposition the old memory to the lower slot. This is done by inserting the module into the bottom slot at an angle of 45-degree, push it in the same way it was initially installed (the gold edge facing down). Push it in place holding it at the edges and when you hear a click, then snap it in place. Confirm that it is firmly secured in place and leveled with the holding clips at the sides.

 Laptop RAM upgrade 3


  1. Follow the same process to install the new memory module in the upper slot: insert the new memory module by holding it at the edges, the gold edge facing down. Push until it clicks. Confirm that it securely installed.

Laptop RAM upgrade 5

Laptop RAM upgrade 4


  1. Replace: replace the panel and gently tighten the screw, reinstall the battery, connect the AC adapter and other connections
  2. Restart the computer: Power your system up and see the improvement. Confirm that the memory is installed in the properties of the system.



How To Upgrade The RAM Of Your Laptop (With Pictures)
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