Cold is normally associated with catarrh, cough, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose; otherwise known as the flu. It is very uncomfortable and sometimes come unexpectedly. Its main causes are not really known but can be caused by a reaction to something or low immune system. Whatever the case, it can be treated so it doesn’t get worse. Although some doctors will advise you to just take fruits, drink lots of water, and have some rest and you’ll be fine. This works for some people but for others, you may need more than that to keep the cold away.

Here is what you can do:

Notice the signs:

Once you detect any symptom, act fast as it can generate to something more serious.

Find out the root cause of the cold:

Sometimes unknowingly, you may have all the symptoms of cold and think it’s just the flu but what you do not know is that you may actually have malaria. Some symptoms of malaria are catarrh, cough which are also symptoms of cold. If you do not treat the main cause of the sickness, you’ll just be on a merry go round. To be totally free from the ailment, find out what the cause of the cold is. Once that is eliminated and treatment has commenced, those symptoms will disappear.

Stay away from cold:

When you’re having the flu, you’ll want to stay away from things that will worsen it. Some of them are: drinking cold water or having a cold bath, making use of the air conditioner or having direct contact with a cooling system like the fan, eating cold food, putting on skimpy clothing etc. To make the cold go away faster, you have to do away with all these until you feel a lot better.

Have a hot cup of tea/ ginger drink/pepper soup:

When you take either of these things, you feel relief even if it’s for a short while. The bottom line is taking something hot at least once or twice a day.

Get a prescription:

If you have no malaria and it’s just a mere cold, an antibiotic will do just fine (a doctor can prescribe one for you). If placed on medication, ensure you use them diligently and complete the dosage to get proper healing.

Taking sweets like Tom Tom, vicks lemon, strepsil, pectol and the likes all give instant relief but they don’t actually cure the cold. They can be used side by side treatment.

Don’t forget your fruits:

Fruits help boost your immune system so taking lots of it while you have a cold will hasten your healing.

Keep your surrounding clean:

We all know that the air carries dust and particles especially in this harmattan season. Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Let your environment be neat at all times.

Some forms of cold can be persistent but if you’re persistent as well in ensuring that you stick to the tips above, that cold will leave you in no time.


How to Treat Cold and Flu
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