As the Christmas season is approaching, with the whole excitement of visiting friends and having fun, one can easily forget to be on the alert. Danger has no special season therefore we need to know how to protect ourselves and stay safe always. Here are tips on how to stay safe this season:


Everyone would like to visit friends, family, colleagues and more but you need to be self-conscious of where you are going and the time involved. Before you go to any party especially in the night, make sure you don’t go alone and also have a good plan of exit i.e don’t depend on not so trustworthy friends they might not have your safety at heart as you do. So be on the watch even as you have fun.



when you are on vacation, you are always tempted to show the whole world just how much fun you are having but it is important to note that, people are always watching. Don’t show off unnecessary things like wraps of currencies, luxury gift items, nude or semi-nude pictures on your social networks, these will put you in an unsafe place. Thus inviting unwanted type of people to you during the season. And that is risky as they come as friends meanwhile they are out to devour.



Christmas season involves lots of spending which is the reason why people always have ‘cash in hand’ in order to purchase their Christmas items. Also a lot of people want to acquire presents, whether they have the money or not thereby bringing stories of theft, burglary and the rest.

It is not advisable to move around with lots of cash, make more use of your debit card at the ATM’s or Point Of Sales to curb the habit of losing cash from time to time. Secure your money, don’t just throw it around or show people that your bag contains large amount of money for fear of being robbed. You don’t know who might be watching. And also reveal your debit card security code to no one.

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Having family and friends together is a good reason to ensure you lock down each time you are in the house. As the house might seem a little full and the front door will be in use often, it is wise to see that it is locked always. This is to help ascertain who leaves and who stays in a particular place.

And as more friends troop in, the more valuables around the house tend to miss their way, so be on the locked down always to ensure adequate security of lives and valuables.



When embarking on a journey, it’s safe to inform your guardians or friends you live with where you are going. These information is very necessary just incase something goes wrong. Before inviting friends, you should not only know the person, you should also give details of the person you are bringing into the house so everyone can look out for you as well. And you can’t trust people easily in the season especially the new friends you make because not all of them seem the way they might appear to you.



This includes tips and precautions to take while at home during the Christmas season. We all love the decorations particularly the little colorful lights that brightens our surroundings during the night, however it is advised that you don’t connect them carelessly as this might trigger electricity problems that will result to terrible outcome. And also extra care should be taken in preparation of the food because any danger open to one person is also relatable to many as the house have lots of occupants this time.



Before going out on a drinking spree, be sure to go with more than one person, so that there is someone left with a clear head that can drive you home, or you could leave your car behind and use a cab. Don’t make the grave mistake of drinking and driving. As much joy the Christmas season brings can be as much pain if you don’t secure yourselves. Staying safe should be the number one priority for this


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How To Stay Safe During The Christmas Season
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