The harmattan period most of the time is associated with the yuletide season. It is normally known as a very cold period and signs of harmattan are misty air, cold air and dusty environment. When the weather is hot, you find people complaining that it is too hot but when it eventually gets cold, people equally complain that it is too cold. During this time, people are prone to a lot of air borne illnesses if they do not care for themselves properly. Find ways to stay healthy during this period.


How to Stay Healthy During Harmattan


It is best to keep yourself warm this period because this is the only way to really enjoy the harmattan season. Wear clothes that will make you feel warm and cozy so you do not get cold or contact the flu. When you’re at home, you can put on socks to keep your feet warm.



During this period, you may need to drink a lot of water as there is a high tendency for you to feel thirsty fast. You may find out that your throat gets dry easily so keep a bottle of water or any liquid of your choice within reach if the need arises.



It is very possible for you to have cracked skin during this period. Not only will it look cracked but white in colour if you do not care for it. This is the time you’ll want your skin to be oily because of the intensity of the cold atmosphere. Properly oil your skin using a good ointment or cream of your choice. Pay particular attention to your face, feet and toes, lips (a good lip gloss or lip balm will do), fingers, and knees. You can always have an ointment or cream with you at all times so that when you need it, you can use it.

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The excessive dust due to the harmattan could cause itching and redness of the eyes, in other to prevent this ensure you engage in regular washing of the eyes with clean water and wearing of spectacles to reduce exposure to dust.

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Since this period is characterised by a lot of dust in the air, having a handkerchief or small cloth would suffice. If you find yourself in a place where the dust is too much, you can cover your nose with the handkerchief till it’s reduced. Aside that fumes from cars can also cause such air pollution. Doing this will reduce the risk of sneezing, getting catarrh or allergies.



Use of appliances such as fans and air conditioner can be limited. You can use them but they should be regulated as the weather is already cold.



Don’t take things that are too cold this period and ensure you properly wash your fruits before eating them. If you can, take a hot cup of tea in the morning or at night. Let your food be warm at least.



Except you’re the type that can bathe with cold water any day anytime without getting affected, try to bathe with warm water especially this period to limit the risk of you contacting cold.

Harmattan that occurs close to Christmas makes the season feel real and sure so to fully enjoy this yuletide period, stick to the tips above and you’ll be just fine.


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How to Stay Healthy During Harmattan
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