Having a relationship that stands the test of time takes a lot of work and being in a relationship that is worth it takes a lot of patience. Most of the time, relationships begin with a spark, love at first sight, intriguing feelings and raging emotions but over time, it is possible for those same emotions to slowly die if nothing is done to spice up that relationship. Do not expect miracles to happen in your relationship if you are not innovative and creative in your love life. Things cannot be exactly the way they are right from the beginning, a lot of work needs to be done. I am very sure that those whose relationships are still standing will surely have one or two things to say about this.

Do you sometimes feel like there’s no fire in your relationship or that the love between the two of you is going down?

Here’s how to spice up that relationship:

Spice up that look:

There’s nothing wrong in looking different from time to time. It’s okay to wear a fashion attire you’re not used to wearing as long as you look good in it. Having a new and daring hair do or make over is not a bad idea. Try looking nice and different from what your partner expects. You’ll be amazed at his or her reaction. They say the only constant thing in life is change so try a little change sometimes; it won’t hurt.

Relieve past memories:

It’s sometimes good to remind yourselves of how you met or how the relationship started. It helps to rekindle the love shared between the two of you. Relieving the upside and downside of your relationship will definitely bring back the spark you’re looking for.

Pay surprise visits:

Visiting your partner unexpectedly can be romantic. Just show up unannounced and let it be a surprise. You can decide to be unpredictable at times.

Buy gifts:

You do not need to wait for a special occasion like valentine, Christmas or birthdays to give him or her a gift. It’s romantic to shower gifts on that person you love out of the blues. It doesn’t have to be planned or arranged; it can just be spontaneous.

Go somewhere romantic:

Spend time with each other in exotic and romantic places. You don’t have to limit yourselves to eateries and cinemas. There are lots of other places to visit in Lagos like Taruwa, Bogobiri,The Place, Barcelos, Cold Stone Creamery etc.

Re profess your love:

If you love someone, you won’t be ashamed to say so or let them know. You must have already told him or her you love them but it can never be too much to say it again. Look into their eyes and reiterate.

Communicate more:

Communication is key in any relationship. Try reaching out to your partner more. Send loving text messages or via BBM or Whatsapp, make calls and sound sexy on the phone, let him or her know you miss them and do not forget to always complement one another.

No matter how bad or sour a relationship is, it can be spiced up as long as either or both party is willing to let it.

How to Spice Up a Relationship
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