Selling online is becoming increasingly popular in this part of the world as a result of influx of various e-commerce sites into its cyberspace. People can now buy almost everything from cars to electronic and even food stuffs online.


The role of e-commerce sites like Google Trader (closed in 11 November 2013), Tradestable(now Olx Nigeria) among others who pioneered ecommerce in the country cannot be overlooked. The activities of Jumia, Konga, DealDey, Kaymu, Olx,, Mobofree etc have taken ecommerce in the country to another level.


From my I have made more money selling online than face to face. I have sold to customers from various part of the country. I would like you to know that selling online is a wonderful experience. I started selling on Google Trader before it was closed and I would say that Google Trader was a very fast channel to sell when it was on. I made good money then through it selling Mini Washing Machines.


If you place your ad on Jumia, Konga or Dealdey they charge you commission on every sale. They handles the logistic (i.e. transportation of the goods to the buyer) for you, the payment (payment on delivery) and also have contact with the buyer. But on free ad sites like Mobofree, Olx or you take care of everything yourself. You have direct link with the buyers. For the logistics you can contact DHL, UPS or transport companies like ABC, Ekeson etc and let the buyer pay for delivery. Payment for the goods is the trickiest part, you can liaise with the buyer to find a way round it unlike Jumia or Konga that allows buyers pay on delivery. You can only let buyers pay on delivery if you are delivering the goods yourself when using free ad sites like Olx and others.


After selling on Olx, and Mobofree, I prefer to sell my stuffs mostly on Mobofree because of the traffic. Olx is too strict with posted ads, they find fault in everything especially image of the product you post. They are of the habit of deleting ad without warning. has potentials and growing fast, I have sold a couple of stuffs on it too. We are considering selling on free ad site in this post.


How to Sell Your Items Online Using MoboFree

Mobofree is a free ad site where you can post your ads free. The procedure of posting on Mobofree is the same with other sites. As an example I am going to teach you how to sell Harvard Business Review Journal online. Let us consider the steps now.



Click on Mobofree to get to site:

Register (though not compulsory) but for you to easily track your products it is better you register. You can register with your Facebook account as an alternative log in method or register on the site.




Post your ad:

Click on “Post New Ad” to start. After clicking you will get to the page below.




Type in everything about the item for sale:

Enter appropriately the product details as follow.


Category – Select the category the item belong to. It allows your product to be easily searchable. The category I chose is “Books, Cds, DVDs” since I want to sell a journal.


Type – Enter the transaction type either “For sale,” “Looking For,” or Exchange Swap.” Because I want to sell it, I chose “For Sale.”


Title – Enter a catchy but appropriate title. It is wrong to give a bad or misleading title for an item.


Description – Type in the description of the item to be sold. Here you need to adopt your creative writing skill. If you are too lazy to type just search Jumia, Konga and the rest for the description used for the type of item you are trying to sell. Copy, paste and edit the description to suit your need.


Prize – Add the price and never leave blank. Some people like to leave it blank, but it is advisable not to keep the price confidential. Hiding the price will not make people buy neither will revealing it make them not to buy. Just add the price.


Region – your location is important too.


City – once you add your region, cities within that region will automatically be loaded.


Ad Images – Upload the images of the item for sale for buyers to see. Like the Chinese proverb which says that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so leverage on this and make it count. Your pictures must be in a plain background – preferably white – for better visualization. You can upload as many as 3 or more images to drive home your point. And make sure the dimension, size and format meets the requirement of the site. The images must be clear and attractive.




Add your contact details:

Select “Individual” if you are an individual but select “A company” if you are one. Add your name, email address and phone number. Note that you have to be responsive with calls and emails. If you promised to call buyers later, do call them. Never insult your buyers and check your email regularly for buyers that prefer to send email rather than calling.




Hit “Post Your Free Ad”:

After you have proof read the description and contact details, hit the post button to go live. After posting, Mobofree will send you a notification to let you know if your ad is live or request that you amend some few things in the ad. After approval, your ad will go live as shown below:




Share Your Free Ad:

Mobofree is a guaranteed site for traffic of buyers, I have tested them. Now it is not enough that you post your free ad there alone, you have to share it. Hit the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons to share your ad on all the Social Media pages for your friends and family to see. The more you share the more buyers will visit your page. Furthermore, after a week you can repeat your add to make it become a featured ad again.


Please note that I used Mobofree as an example, you can post your free ad on other sites too. In fact I posted my ad on Mobofree,, and others. The more the sites your ad appear, the more people sees it and the more sales you make. Leverage on e-commerce.


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How to Sell Your Items Online Using MoboFree
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