Registering your product with NAFDAC is the second most important thing after establishing and registering your company and product with CAC. It is a criminal act to manufacture, import, export, advertise, sell or distribute a product in Nigeria without registering such. NAFDAC was established to regulate and control the activities relating to food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals and packaged water.

For the records NAFDAC is National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. NAFDAC number on your product gives it better acceptance in the market. For you to register your product with NAFDAC there are quite a number of hurdles to cross and in all it takes three months provided all requirements are met.

The categories of products that can be registered include food, drugs, chemicals, biological, medical devices and cosmetics. And there are guidelines for different product categories and also sub-categories e.g. under food there is guideline for imported food, export of semi-processes food and so on. Check here for the guidelines.

As a case study we are considering registration of local based food and drink, though the process is not so different for other products.

How To Register Your Product With NAFDAC


Go to the NAFDAC office or zonal offices near you to start the process. The first step before you register your product is to have your factory inspected by the Inspection Directorate of NAFDAC. After the inspection, you will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition as a manufacturer, read more here.



After you have been authorized as manufacturer, then purchase and complete the application form prescribed by the agency. It should be noted that you can only register a single product with a form (no group product registration). Note that you to submit three vetting samples of your product to the establishment after a satisfactory inspection. It should be noted also that payments should be made strictly to National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and no one else. The tariff is as follows:

  • Food –                          N50,000 + 5% VAT
  • Sachet Water –           N30,000 + 5% VAT
  • Bottled Water –          N50,000 + 5% VAT

To apply for registration you have to write to:

The Director

Registration and Regulatory Affairs


Central Laboratory Complex

Oshodi, Lagos.

The application should state the name of the manufacturer, generic name of the product (e.g. biscuit) and brand name of the product.



Submit all necessary documents together with the application to process your registration. The documents to be included are shown in the box below:



When submitting the samples of the product or products please bear in mind the requirement regarding labeling.

  • (i) Your label must be clear, accurate and informative
  • (ii) Your label must carry –
  • Brand name of food
  • Name and address of manufacturer, distributor, marketer etc
  • NAFDAC Registration number provision or slot
  • Batch Number, Manufacturing and expiry date
  • Net content
  • Complete list of ingredients
  • Warnings (if applicable)


Follow these and other guidelines here for you to be get your products registered fast. Any non compliance with the guideline will lead to disqualification or delays in the process.

After submission of all documents, wait for any information from the agency. There might be queries or enquiries that could arise, ensure you respond to such promptly. If you fail to do so especially within the stipulated 30 working days, your application will be suspended indefinitely.

If your application sailed through and you are issued with a Certificate of Registration, you still have to seek approval from the agency before you can advertise it. This is a separate approval. Your certificate could be withdrawn if you advertise without approval. Note also that filling or paying for an application form does not automatically confer the status of registration on you.

A successful application attracts a Certificate of Registration with a validity period of five years whereas products with listing status have a validity of two years.

Check the NAFDAC website for guidelines of other products.

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