The hair on anyone is like an adornment that adds beauty to that personality. Irrespective of the fact that there are certain medical factors that can lead to hair loss, there are also other careless or mundane reasons why people go through or encounter hair loss. Despite all these, it is very important to take care of ones hair since it is also a part of your body. Hair loss cannot only be associated with old age even young people experience it.

What causes hair breakage or hair loss?

Some of its causes are improper hair care or treatment

Wrong application of hair products

Poor dieting

How can hair loss be prevented?


Regularly steaming the hair helps put your hair back in shape. Steaming replenishes lost hair, strengthens and rejuvenates the hair, it promotes growth and moisturizes the scalp.


When next you pay a visit to the salon; after washing let the stylist trim the tips of your hair. It will help to stop the growth of weak strands of hair so that new stronger ones can grow. The tip of one’s hair easily gets weakened so trimming is necessary.

Eat healthy:

From research, it has shown that aside hereditary caused baldness in men, men who are more prone to being bald are those who have high blood pressure. Eating foods high in sugar should be reduced as it affects growth of hair.

Reduce Stress:

Stress affects every part of the body including the hair. The follicles of the hair can be affected by ones’ immune system. If your immune system is weak then it can affect the growth of your hair.

Avoid too much use of relaxers:

Relaxers make your hair feel softer and easier to comb but they also have their adverse side effects. Relaxing the hair too often causes a break of the hair. It not only weakens it but makes it crack often. Allow your hair to go a bit natural for a while before applying relaxer on it.

Some home remedies that can prevent hair loss are:

Egg oil:

Egg oil can be used to massage the scalp of the hair. Egg oil is gotten from the yolk of an already boiled egg when heated. You can apply it overnight and wash off with a shampoo the following morning. Do this regularly to notice good results.

Onion or Garlic juice:

The liquid extracted from either an onion or garlic can be applied on the scalp of the hair and washed off the next morning.

Aloe Vera Juice:

This can be applied on the scalp to prevent hair loss.

When combing your hair, make use of combs that have a wide spacing to prevent your hair from being pulled out too much. Above all, care for your hair. The beauty of anybody lies in the hair. For the ladies, keep your hair free from water such as rain. Always have a shower cap handy in case you need it.


How to Prevent Hair Loss
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