If you say you love someone then the period of valentine shouldn’t really be the only season you shower love on that special person. Nevertheless a lot of people look forward to this romantic season to appreciate their loved ones. Are you wondering how you’re going to do that? Are you wondering what to buy for him or her? Are you in a dilemma and do not know how to spend that day? Are you imagining how to rock your partner’s world? Worry no more. There are lots of things you can do to spice up that day for the one you love.

Here are a few tips:

Plan ahead:

Luckily for lovers, valentine this year falls on a Sunday; a day free from work. Depending on how you want to spend that day; you have ample time to plan ahead and make that unique day one to remember. It’s better to work out your itinerary for that day way ahead of time so you’re not caught unawares.

Plan something special:

Most lovers anticipate what this day will bring. Some use it as a measure to determine how much they are loved by their partners. Some look forward to the gifts they would receive on that day. You can decide to go on an outing to someplace special or have an in-house arrangement.

Select a befitting gift:

As you plan towards this day, make arrangements to get gifts. Go shopping in order to select something nice for your partner. There are lots of things you can buy such as teddy bear, flowers, boxed tie with cuff links, a nice pair of designer’s shirt, a nice gown, bottles of wine, chocolates, jewellery etc. It all depends on what you feel your partner would love and appreciate.

Have a nice candle light dinner:

This can be done either in door or out door. At times what we watch in foreign movies can be re-enacted. You really don’t have to go out all the time just to have fun. Once you set a nice ambience in doors, you’re on your way to having a nice time. Prepare a nice meal or order take outs, let the atmosphere be filled with cool music, set the lights low and be ready to welcome your guest.

Share your thoughts:

It’s a day to reveal what you feel. Do not hold back but let your partner know how you really feel. It doesn’t matter if they’ve heard them before but reemphasise those thoughts.

Be romantic:

One of the attributes of falling in love is being a romantic. Don’t be shy to hold their hands, look into their eyes and tell them you love them. If you want to recite a love poem, go ahead (it’s not old fashioned).

Love is good and it is golden; it brings out the best in most people. While awaiting this day to come, be expectant and look forward to spending quality time with the person you love.


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