Getting ready for an examination takes a lot of preparedness. To ensure you ace that forthcoming examination, a lot of work needs to be done. It’s not nice to assume that all will go well if you do not adequately prepare. Irrespective of the kind of examination you are preparing for be it WAEC, NECO, JAMB, GMAT, ICAN, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, ACCA etc., you need to be ready for it. To therefore avoid any unwanted surprises and set back, it’s best to be fully armored for that day.


How To Prepare For an Examination


Do not follow the bandwagon of people who gatecrash and hurriedly prepare for an examination. Find out when the examination will take place and prepare ahead for it. Early preparation give you enough time to study the exam materials and revised them to properly assimilate and understand it.



Do adequate research and get all the materials you need such as textbooks, handouts, materials from the internet, research work etc. The internet is readily available to source for information. Libraries are also available to get good resource materials. Avail yourself of all these to better your chances of excelling during that examination.



Ensure you plan your reading times by creating a reading timetable that covers all topics, reading duration, revision time and what you intend to achieve from your reading session. You should a reading time that would be more suitable for you, some people prefer early hours of the morning when they wake up, due to the fact that the brain is refreshed and less noise or disturbance. Find a time that work well for you and stick with it, ensure you follow your reading plan.



One thing that helps when reading is taking down notes. On every topic or sub topic you read about, take down notes. Make a summary of all important points, This will help you when revising and also help you remember important aspects of your materials. Ensure you jot down notes on everything no matter how unimportant it may seem. It will come in handy.



Going through past questions and actually attempting to do them will aid your preparation. This is because some of those questions might be repeated and you might just be lucky to stumble upon them and also give you an idea on how the questions would be structured or asked. It is advisable to go through the past questions during your revision because they can also help you recall something that you might have forgotten or has skipped you.



Sometimes joining force with a group of people who are also preparing for the same examination helps a lot. You can all rub minds together, share ideas, discuss points and interact. Most of the time doing this helps bring home the points and aids your remembrance of certain points.



You know yourself better than anyone so work with what suits you more. There are people that prefer reading alone because they assimilate more and there are those that prefer reading with people so knowing what works well for you will go a long way in making it easy for you. Are you the type that likes reading in a classroom setting or on your bed? Find out!



Do not over stress your brain so after reading for a while, find time to relax or ease off just so you don’t feel stressed. You can watch a movie or listen to a soft music; then after a while go back to your reading. Do not read at a stretch, give breaks in between.



The brain consumes a lot of energy when reading, you need to eat good food to provide the brain with the required energy it needs to function properly in other  to avoid brain fatigue which can lead to weakness or loss of consciousness. It is also important to drink enough water also because your body system need them, so you can stay healthy in the cause of your examination.



No matter how much you’ve read and think you’ve known it all, always endeavor to go through your jottings and revise every single thing all over again. You might just see something you initially missed out on (you never can tell).

Like Abraham Lincoln said ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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