Preparing for a wedding takes a lot. I am very sure you would agree with me that it is not child’s play. A lot of planning, organizing and detailing are involved in this wonderful event. As it is one of the most important days in your life, you would want to do everything you can to ensure that that day becomes a blast and one you would also remember. A lot of hiccups and unplanned situations may arise; to therefore prevent those from happening, here are things to do before hand to make that day one of a kind.

What to do:

Brain storm:

The bride and groom to be should put heads together and work out how they want their wedding to be like. Sharing ideas and rubbing minds would go a long way in the planning process. What one overlooks or misses out on, the other person would definitely be able to pinpoint.

Plan your budget:

When planning for a wedding, you need to have a budget that you can work with. This serves as a guide so you don’t overspend though there may be the tendency to spend a little more than your stated budget but at least you have something to work with.

Work out logistics:

Basic logistics like transportation to and fro the wedding venues, conveying of food and drinks to the venue, security, arrangement of the hall you want to use (that’s if you’re using one), which location you want to use for the reception and wedding, etc. All these have to be looked into.

Catering and entertainment:

What would you like to serve your guests? Make a list of what you want and discuss with a caterer. You can make arrangements with a catering company so that they can handle everything relating to food and drinks and equally serve guests on that day. This would save you the stress of looking for waiters and waitresses. For entertainment, you can decide to go with a live band or an experienced Dj who has the skills of mixing songs suitable for the event. Your cake is very essential as its one of the things that graces your occasion. Cakes come in various styles, steps and designs so know what you want and get an experienced baker to bake and design your cake. The colour of your cake should be in line with colours for that day.

Your guest list:

You have to envisage or give a rough estimate on the number of people you want at your event. Technology has been made easy as you can now reach out to more people via social media. Your invitation cards must be ready at least five months before your wedding and distributed so people can plan towards that day.

Go shopping:

By now, you should have an idea of what exactly you want. Shopping for your wedding gown and suit should be done some months to the wedding. It can be confusing having to select from a vast range of clothing but just be focused and choose what fits you best not forgetting your budget though. Don’t forget to shop for your shoes and wedding rings as well.

Bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys and groomsmen:

These group of people make your event colourful. Ensuring that they have their right outfits is important.

Traditional elements:

In Africa, we take traditional wedding seriously so put this into consideration and get all you need for this aspect in time.

Also remember you need a professional photographer at your event. Think positive while looking forward to that day. All things being equal, it should go well!




How to Prepare for a Wedding
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