Time management is a skill everybody ought to have. It is not in born but can be learnt and acquired. Everybody needs it irrespective of one’s occupation or handiwork. Managing your time is a part of life. Since there is a time for everything and if plants can have seasons for planting and growing, how much more humans. We always say time is not enough; the truth is that time can never be enough. It therefore depends on how best you utilize the time you have at hand to achieve results.

Here are ways to manage your time effectively:

Avoid procrastination:

Sometimes when you have something important to do, there’s the tendency to do it at a later date or time. At this point, you keep telling yourself you would do it and end up forgetting to do it. One thing about time management is doing things at the right time. Do not over think it; the moment you think about doing something just do it. Do not postpone that act.


In ensuring that you are up to speed and keep to time, first do those things that are of high importance before considering other things. If you can do this, you’ll notice that your mind will be at peace because you have been able to fulfil some of those things that would have bothered you. The other things you need to do won’t even take too much of your time to complete.

Do away with time wasters:

The time you’ll use in doing something really important should not be spent on frivolous things. If you can identify what they are then it would be easy to avoid doing them. It’s very easy to be distracted so make a conscious effort to remain un-distracted.

What part of the day works best for you?

You know yourself better than anyone else. Do you achieve more in the early hours of the day or in the later hours? If you know this then you can plan a strategy of planning your time around these periods. This should help you achieve more in less time.

Have a clock or time piece by your side:

While working, have something beside or on you that you can always look at to tell you the time. Knowing that the time keeps moving would hasten you to do what needs to be done.

Be time conscious:

Focus on the things you need to do and if possible set boundaries and limits around them. This would place you in check.

Set time goals:

Setting specific time goals would help you place importance on the things you need to do.

Start on time:

Always make projections. If you want to do something tomorrow, start work on it today and continue it tomorrow. This would help you work faster.

In dealing with time management, you first need to plan and see what you can do to make sure those plans are carried out. Being disciplined is key to time management.


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