In all relationships whether between couples, friends, or family, there are bound to be arguments which may lead to quarrels. It is sometimes inevitable and part of human life. Sometimes having a quarrel helps make relationships stronger and helps you know the other person better. It all depends on how you handle the issue that led to the quarrel in the first place. While some quarrels mend relationships others break relationships.

How to make up after that heated quarrel:

Learn to forgive:

We are all humans and have a heart. Forgiving one another should be part of us. No matter how bad you feel, try to forgive. Most of the time during quarrels, you tend to say certain things you wished you hadn’t said. Reflect on the things you might have said and make up your mind to forgive and let go. If you’re the one at fault, say ‘sorry’ and don’t feel proud about it. You’ll feel good afterwards.

Let go of your pride:

Ego and pride are some virtues that hunt people. Some people find it difficult admitting they are sorry or apologising for any wrong doing simply because of pride. Depending on the kind of relationship or friendship you have with that person, ask yourself if it’s worth holding a grudge for? Are you really ready to throw away that friendship or will you drop your pride and make things work?

Overlook some things:

It is normal to feel hurt by the things people do to us but in cases like this, it’s best to be the bigger person even if you’re not the one at fault. It’s a hard thing to do but when you think about the fact that nobody knows tomorrow. You might need the help of that person some day and vice versa. Moreover, life is just too short to dwell in quarrels. Easily let things go in order to free your mind.

Buy a gift:

When couples or people in a relationship fight, they feel stupid afterwards and the need to make up heightens up. Not knowing what to do why not try buying a gift? It may seem like a bribe but it’s a step to take. Buy something you know your partner would like, look them in the eye to show seriousness and empty your heart while being sincere in the process. I tell you, it does work. Your partner would smile and forgive you in no time.

Sort it out immediately:

At times its best to resolve issues as soon as it happens rather than allowing it prolong or extend to even the next day. As soon as it happens, make it a habit to make up immediately so you can move on with other issues.

Give it some time:

A quarrel might be so heated up that whatever is said at that point may not make sense. Try giving your partner some space to cool off before trying to sort things out. By then he/she would have thought about it and probably started feeling remorse.

Quarrels sometimes bring out either the best or the worst in a person. The tips above should help you when next you have a quarrel.

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