Making a career choice is one of the most important decisions we ever take in life. This decision is so important that it can determine how our lives turn out. If one chooses wrong, he or she will pay for it. The cases of square pegs in round holes are rampant in our society today. There exist thousands of career options in today’s world and choosing the best out of them is always a great task.

This post will help you with the insights you need to make a good choice. If you are a school leaver hoping to write JAMB or a graduate seeking for a job or even a casual staff hoping to become a professional, this post is for you.


To make the right career choice, these points will be of help:



We are all equipped with personality traits that make us function in our chosen professions or fields. For instance an extroverted person will function well in a marketing role than an introvert. To discover your personality take the test at Career Test Center. The test will appraise your personality, strengths, skills and values to determine in which profession you will function better, the result will display this. You can also conduct a personal SWOT Analysis. Analyze your strength, note your weakness, opportunities and threat surrounding you. Click here to read about personal SWOT.



After the test, consider critically the opportunities available to you. Make a list of the job opportunities opened to you based on the test above. Observe the list properly then narrow down the list to suit you. For example, your test might present you as someone that care about people’s welfare and the job of a nurse could be opened to you. But as a person you cannot stand sick people nor see injuries without having a shock. What that means is that you have to eliminate that job option for something like a Social Worker or something else in that area.



From the narrowed down list, determine the requirement of each job option. Refine the jobs from the lens of:

Job description: Confirm the requirements of each of the jobs. Do a research to know what the requirement of the job entails.

Education: Determine if you have the financial resources to train for the job e.g. if your dream to be a doctor but you have little support financially, it is best to switch to a cheaper course like Pharmacy or Laboratory Science.

Available opportunities: Discover if there are opportunities for the course you want to study. For example, a Zoology graduate in Nigeria is far from pursuing his dream because animal science is not so much as appreciated here and how many zoos are there in this country?

Earnings: You should also consider the income each job generates to make your decision, however money is not everything.

Industry: Is the industry growing or stalling? Find this out. Read press release about the industry to find out trending issues.

After this exercise, from your list delete the jobs that are out of place. You list should have shrunk by now. Go over the list again and narrow it down more.



Now that you have come close to making a choice, you might want to explore other options to consider in addition to the supposed choice. For example if you chose to be a Civil Engineer, you should consider the chance of taking a course in landscape photography or travel blogger. This could create as a freelance job opportunity for you later and could pay off big time.



Now reduce your option to two, make your choice then pursue it with the energy of a bull-dog after a cat. If you are already a graduate, you can start a professional course in the field you wish to venture into. For example, if you are a Secretariat Administration graduate and you wish to venture into the Insurance profession, just register with CIIN (Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria) and you are on your way to becoming a Professional Insurer. But if you are not a graduate, it is not too late; you can start a part-time course. Furthermore, talk to people already in your field to get valuable advice from them.

Congrats and see you at the top!

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