Why Homemade Shampoo

Not everyone would agree with using natural shampoo. They’d rather do commercial shampoo any day.

There is however no doubt that making your own shampoo is the safer, cheaper and reliable thing you can do for yourself. Companies cannot place personal care to their products they way you would. Majority of these companies add chemicals can be dangerous to your health.

In a few minutes task you can mix ingredients from your own kitchen, local food store or backyard garden and produce superb shampoo that can outweigh your store-bought shampoo.

Always find the right shampoo recipe and mixture that works for you because that you determine if you have the super-feeling that comes from making natural shampoo.

When you use natural shampoo, your hair might feel greasy or thick but your body will soon adjust to it. It is not good habit to wash your hair every day, whether you’re using natural shampoo or not.

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How to Make Shampoo Using Household Items in Nigeria
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