I like to welcome you to 2016, a year pregnant with abundant opportunities. Economic analysts have said the year will be tough financially which sends shivers down anyone’s spine.

Do you want to know what you can do to wielder the financial storm of 2016? Are you thinking of making extra income to augment your paycheck? If yes, then stay with me because I am here to share online hidden opportunities that will make you extra cash this year. In 2015, internet awareness and usage grew rapidly with no sign of slowing down; companies and individuals compete seriously with each other for a strong presence online. You can actually capitalize on this to better your life in 2016.

Let us now consider few opportunities you need to survive the predicted financial hardship of the New Year. One good thing is that you can embark on any of the money maker on freelance, full-time or part-time basis; it is up to you. This year you can make money from the following:


How To Make Money Online In 2016


This is one of the easiest ways of making money online. As a blogger you have the freedom to focus on your interest i.e. your area of expertise. All you need is to develop very interesting contents that will keep readers coming back. Bloggers make money online in diverse ways and one thing bloggers live on is traffic. The more traffic a blog enjoys the more money the blogger makes. You can monetize your blog so that as people visit the site and click on Google ads on it, you make money through Google Adsense. Also you can sell advert spaces to interested companies or firms for a fee.



Websites and blogs springing up daily will one way or the other require writers to supply good contents. Develop your reading and writing skills so that you can actually apply for any of the writing jobs. You can either register on sites like Elance, Freelancer, Fiverr, Freelance’s Market etc to bid for jobs. A very good place to get these opportunities free is NAIRALAND, ensure you visit the site at least twice a day to check job updates.

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There are many ecommerce sites online today competing for shoppers. The likes of Jumia, Konga, Kaymu and so on have affiliate programs that you can tap into to make extra cash. Affiliate Marketing means promoting a product or service of others for a commission that is payable when your referred customer completes a purchase.



You can also make money online by selling stuffs for yourself or others. For example Jumia runs JForce program – an arrangement where independent marketers sell Jumia products and get paid commission. Join any of the ecommerce sites to partake.

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Develop or improve your Social Media addiction to your profit this year. While many are busy doing only social things with Social Media, some are making money big time on it. How? You can manage a Social Media page for an individual or company and get paid for it. Also you can advertise products on Social Media to get more buyers to patronize you. Look around for opportunities or job vacancy adverts for the position.



You can start your own Jumia, Konga, Kaymu or Yudala this year. All you need is a web designer and properly planning the logistics.



As web activities grow stronger this year, individuals and companies building sites are going to be needing Graphic/Web Designers, Research Analysts or SEO Experts and so on. Put your money where your mouth is, invest money to acquire knowledge in any of your choice area. Once you do this, the opportunities before you become limitless.

Now that you know how rich you can become this year as against what Economic Analysts have said, are you still going to stay there complaining? Are you not going to arise and get busy? The choice is yours. Read my post:   to know how to achieve success in this your decision.

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