When Liquid Detergent was trending in Nigeria couple of years ago, I got interested and sought for who could teach me so that I can be making my own soap for sales and private use. My first teacher used some chemical combinations that took a lot of time to get the soap formed in a way that would look presentable. After the training I lost interest because of the length of time and energy required to prepare it. However, as time goes by I stumble across another teacher through an email in my box. I went for the training and the rest is history. His own takes a little time and the soap foam very well. I am going to teach what he taught me.


In the production of liquid detergent the quantity of the ingredients is a function of the thickness, commercial value, cost of production and effectiveness of the soap. You have to measure the chemicals accurately to get the soap to the desired quality and quantity.


Do you know that you can spend as little as N2,000 to produce a thick 30 litres liquid detergent. This is good news to you if you want to do business with it because your start-up capital is low whereas the profit is huge.


Before I talk about production, let me tell you about the chemical components that make up the soap, their functions, quantity needed and costs of making the 30 litres of it. Do not worry about the measurement of the chemicals, once you give the seller the quantity quoted in the table below, he will give them to you exactly.


1 Caustic soda This is a highly corrosive (burns when touched) solid compound. It looks like granulated sugar and acts as a stain removing agent. 1/8 kg

(use only 2 table spoons full out of it)

N30  caustic soda
2 Colouring This exists in powdered form in different colours. It is changes the look of the soap from colourless to the desired colour. Dilute before use N50  colouring
3 Formalin This is a clear, colorless, aqueous solution. It is a preservative. 1/4 of a litre (use only one or two 2 caps i.e. the cover of the container bottle that is about 5ml) N50  formalin
4 Nitrosol It is in a power form, white in colour and acts as a thickening agent. 1/4 kg N600  Nitrosol
5 Perfume This is exists in liquid form. It gives your product a nice fragrance. 50ml N250  Perfume
6 Soda Ash This is a white anhydrous powdered compound. It enhances the performance of the thickening agents. 1kg N100  soda ash
7 STPP This is a white substance that acts as cleaning agent. It reacts with dirt in clothing and surfaces. 1/4 kg N50  STTP
8 Sulphonic acid This is the main acid in the soap compound It is a foaming and washing or cleansing agent. It is a brownish and thick liquid, it burns when touched. 1 ½ litres N680  Sulphonic acid
9 Texapon This is a thick pasty substance. It is a foam boosting agent 1/4 kg N150  Texapon


Note: All prices could have changed and might vary depending on the market.


Apart from the chemicals, you need a generous supply of water, bowls, measuring cup, cans and buckets, small drum, spoon, wooden or plastic ladle, basin, tub, turning stick, glove and rags to aid the production process.


To Make Liquid Soap Follow these StepPS:  Don’t forget to rate this article and also leave your comment/feedback


  1. Fill a big tub with 25 litres of water (You can use a 25-litre keg to measure the water)
  2. Add Nitrosol into the water and stir for about 10 minutes
  3. Then take two spoons of your caustic soda and add into a small bowl of water and stir for about 3 minutes to dissolve
  4. Add to the diluted caustic soda into the mixture and stir vigorously.
  5. Carefully mix your Texapon and your Sulphonic acid together in a small bowl (caution pour the Sulphonic first into the bowl before carefully adding the Texapon into it). Mix properly then pour the mixture it into the mixture in the tub. Then stir for about 5 minutes.
  6. Add your soda ash into a small bowl of water and stir very well for about 2 minutes, then add it into the mixture in the tub
  7. Mix your STPP in a small bowl and stir, then pour in the mixture and stir very well at this point you have to stir it vigorously because it will now be very thick
  8. Add one or two caps of pet plastic bottle cover of your formalin and stir
  9. Add the perfume (moderate – one or two cap full) of your choice and stir
  10. Add the already mixed colour (like 20cl) liquid of your choice and stir.

Congratulations your liquid soap is ready! You can now package them in containers with your label to be sold.



PS:  Don’t forget to rate this article and also leave your comment/feedback

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      @kelechi,just add more water to the soap until it gives you the consistency you desire. Do not let it be too watery though.


    Thanks very much for sharing with us,but Sir where can i buy wholesale chemicals for the production? Like the lucrative business


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