Air-Fresheners are essential for every home and business premise. Everyone loves to perceive nice scents in their homes, offices, toilets, kitchens and so on. Air-fresheners neutralize bad odour and leave the air fresh.


Have you been longing to have a mixture of fragrance to create your own label? Are you tired of the same fragrance and wanted to try your hands on some scents to come out with a customized scent? Or you want to sell them to the world and make some money? If yes to all the questions, then stick around to learn more from this post.


After this post you will be able to produce air-fresheners for commercial purpose and one thing is sure you are not going to spend up N3,000 as start-up for you to make more than N10,000 income. This is a low start-up business also. (See also How To Make Liquid Detergent)


The table below shows the ingredients, functions, quantity required, cost and image of the chemicals we are going to use in the production of 5 litres of air-freshener.


1 Perfume This is the main ingredient, the fragrance that differentiates one air-freshener from the other. 1/4 litre Perfume (you can mix different perfumes such as Lexus, hardy or Hugo Boss). Feel free to play around with any combination you want. N1,000  Perfume
2 Colouring This exists as powder in varying pigments. It gives the air-freshener the desired look. Dissolve with water before use N50  colouring
3 Methanol This is a light, colorless, volatile, and flammable liquid with a distinctive odour like ethanol (drinking alcohol). It is poisonous and not fit for consumption, also called wood alcohol. It gives the air-freshener the ability to disperse in the air swiftly. 1/2 of a litre N150  METHANOL
4 Menthol It is a white or clear crystalline substance. It is solid at room temperature but melts slightly above it. It gives the air-fresher a minty kick. 1g N100  MENTHOL
5 Catalyst or Texapon These boast the perfume production process. 1/8 litre (Catalyst) or 1/4 kg (Texapon) N250 (Catalyst) or N150 (Texapon)  Texapon


Note: All prices could have changed and might vary depending on the market.


Apart from the chemicals, you need water, bowls, measuring cup and cans, spoon, glove and rags in the production process.


To Make Liquid Air Freshener Follow these Steps



Add the menthol crystal to the methanol solution melt and mix vigorously to avoid forming crumbs. Mix for 3 minutes or more till the menthol crystals are all dissolved.



Pour the menthol and methanol solution together with the colouring and perfume into an empty 5 litres keg and cover very well to avoid the fragrance from escaping. Mix the content for few minutes.



Add the catalyst or formalin into the solution in the keg then shake vigorously.



Add 2 litres of water into the solution and continue to shake for 3 minutes or more.



Add more water to your desired level and be mindful of the strength of the perfume.



Package in empty perfume cans or containers with dispenser cover (these are available in the market sold for N20 to N50 (100ml and above) container).


Congratulations your liquid air freshener is ready to use!

Print labels from your neigbourhood printer and paste on the containers. You can vary the colour, frangrance and package in different containers under different fragrance name. There is no hard and fast rule, be creative!


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A Guide On How To Make Liquid Air-Freshener at Home
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