Disinfectants are a must in every home, hospital, office and so on. It helps fight germs in toilets and on surfaces. Disinfectants come in different brand names such as Izal Germicide, Z Germicide and so on.

In a very short production process I am going to show you how to manufacture your own disinfectant for use in your toilet or for sale.

We are going to produce 5 litres of disinfectant with N1,450 as our start-up cost. This is a low start-up business just like How To Make Liquid Detergent and How To Make Liquid Air Freshener.


Let us now consider the ingredients, functions, quantity required, cost and image of the chemicals we are going to use in the production of the disinfectant.


1 Texapon This is a thick pasty substance, that acts as boosting agent in the production process. 1/4 kg N150  Texapon
2 Phenol This is a white aromatic crystalline solid that is volatile (also sold in liquid form). It is also called carbolic acid. It kills germs. It is mildly acidic so it should be handled with care because it burns. 1/8 of a litre N150  Phenol1
3 Pine Oil This is an essential oil that is generated from steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones from different species of pine. It acts as a cleaning agent in the germicide. 1/8 of a litre N150  Phenol
4 Izal Booster This boosts the quantity of the germicide produced. 1/4 of a litre N300  Izal Booster
4 Izal Concentrate This is the active agent in the germicide. It is a very poisonous acidic compound. It kills germs on contact. It must be handled with care. 1/4 of a litre N150  Izal Conc
5 Whitener This gives the germicide the characteristic white colour. 1/4 of a litre N150  Whitener
6 Carboxylic Acid This is a natural occurring acid example of which are amino acids, acetic acid (as vinegar), insects stings (formic acid) etc. This also form part of the disinfecting agent in the disinfectant. 1/8 litre of a litre N100  Carboxylic acid
7 Lyzol This is a cleaning and germ killing agent and active in the disinfectant. 1/4 of a litre N300  Lyzol


Note: All prices could have changed and might vary depending on the market.


This chemical process is a very dangerous one and caution must be exercised when dealing with the chemicals. You need safety goggles, gloves, mixing bowls, measuring cup and cans and rags in the production process.


Here is the step by step process:


Add the texapon, phenol and pine oil together without adding water. Mix properly to form a solution.



Add two litres of water into the solution to suppress the strength of the phenol.



Add the other chemicals one after the other into the solution.



Dilute the carboxylic acid and add to the solution and mix gently for one minute or two. At this point your disinfectant is ready.



Package in empty plastics containers with flip top or screw top (these are available in the market sold for N20 to N50 (100ml and above)).

If you intend selling the disinfectant ensure your packaging is neat and attractive. Embark good marketing strategies to be able to sell more quantity. Read my marketing post for more.


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How To Make Izal Germicides and Disinfectants
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