Cast your mind back to the Ebola virus strike, could you imagine how many Hand Sanitizers were sold? Ladies carry purse size hand sanitizers in the bags and purses, offices and public centers had too, homes and so on. Hand sanitizers became very important and expensive. Well this post is not to scare you about Ebola but to teach you how to make your own hand sanitizer.

Before we swing into action, let’s take a look at the table below for ingredients, functions, quantity required and image of the chemicals we are going to use in the production of our very own Hand Sanitizer.


1 Rubbing Alcohol (at least 91%) or ethanol This is known as (ethyl alcohol) or isopropyl alcohol which is the carrier of the entire production. Rubbing alcohol, USP, methylated spirit or surgical spirit as popularly known can be purchased in shops and used in homes and hospitals for cleaning wounds. 180 ml  alcohol
2 Aloe vera gel (100% pure aloe vera with no additive) This comes from aloe vera plants. It is a harmless anit-germ gel. You need to use 100% pure aloe vera so that it can form gel during the production. The aloe vera gel must be without additives. 60ml  aloe_vera
3 Vegetable Glycerin This is a colourless, odourless, viscous liquid produced from plant oils. This is preferable to be used because it gives the product better binding power. Ensure what you use is pure vegetable glycerin. 30ml  vegetable glycerin
4 Essential Oil This is oil extract from plants such as tea tree or lavender, vanilla, cinnamon etc. They have characteristic fragrance of the source from which they were extracted. 0.5ml or 10 drops  essentail oil


Note: All prices could have changed and might vary depending on the market.


Other utensils needed include electric mixer or blender, bowls and measuring cans.


The production process is as follows:


Add the aloe vera gel and the vegetable glycerin together and pour into an electric mixer. Put on the mixer to mix mildly for a few seconds.



Add the rubbing alcohol into the mixer and mix the mixture for few more seconds.



Add 10 drops of the essential oil into the mixer then mix the content for a few seconds.



Turn on the mixer to mild mixer to run for two minutes to get the final product. Please use mix on the blender and not blend so that the viscosity of the product can remain intact.



Once the mixture is ready leave it a while before pouring it into empty plastic cans/containers with dispenser cover (these are available in the market sold for N20 to N50 (100ml and above)).


Congratulations your hand sanitizer is ready!

In case you want to go commercial with it, design and print labels on the containers.

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How To Make Hand Sanitizer at Home
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