I know a lot of men will be of the opinion that women are the most difficult people to live with or be with. Well, have they tried living with babies? Anyway, any man who has a woman in his life should be grateful for that opportunity to be a part of their lives. Making a woman happy shouldn’t be a big deal if you understand who she is. But most of the time, I think men are impatient and expect women to be just like them which is clearly impossible.

Are you wondering how to make that special woman in your life happy? Well, here’s how:


You will say it takes a whole life to understand a person. I agree with you but have you made that little effort to really understand and know her? You may not understand everything about her or why she acts the way she does sometimes but the little you can would make a lot of difference. Aside the physical differences, men and women are also different emotionally, mentally and other wise. If you can understand that men are created differently from women, then you are on the right path.

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Women like it when men especially those they have feelings for give them compliments. You can compliment her on her looks, her dressing, her hair do, her achievement, etc. Complimenting her goes a long way in making her feel good and special and may even cause a change in her attitude towards you. If you fail to give her compliments, she might start having all sorts of ideas in her head which may likely create a wrong impression of you.



How do you do this? By asking questions over and over again. Sometimes when you ask a woman if she’s okay or how she is, she might say “yes” which might actually mean “not really,” or “maybe.” some guys are insensitive in this aspect. Don’t just ask her once and let it go, ask again; you’ll be surprised that she might give you a different answer the second time. Women love it when you show concern for them. Questions like how are you? Have you eaten? How was your day? Do you miss me and lots more should be part of your vocabulary. Also watch out for body language, they help.

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Try not to forget events like her birthday, valentine day, the day you met her, the day you asked her out etc. Don’t just remember these days but also buy her gifts to commemorate them. It shows you have them in mind.



Men have their ego but this shouldn’t stand in the way of love. When men express their feelings, women are happy. Don’t assume that she should know how you feel about her at any point in time. If you’ve told her before, tell her again. It helps reassure her.



Let your friends and family know her. Take her out and don’t be shy to let the world know how important she is to you.

Women are easy to please if only you know how to. Relationships can be hard at times but paying attention to things you think don’t matter will help your relationship grow.

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How to Make a Woman Happy
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