Love is a beautiful thing that we feel in our hearts A lot of times we human beings fall short of things to say, how to say them and the right time to do so because we don’t want to be misjudged. When a man is interested in a woman, he may or may not make the move instantly for he would like to get to know you better, but it depends on you the lady to find out with these signs.



He always wants to talk to you, he wants to always know your opinion in almost everything. This shows that he wants to always hear your voice because it makes him feel closer to you no matter where you are. At this point your words are his best source of information to know a lot about you. Remind me again, don’t women love friends that know some things and seem to care about their welfare? And a lot of men are very much aware of this, so this is the basic sign.


Inquisitive About Your Relationship  

Do you notice his rate of inquisitiveness?. He seems particularly interested in the relationship aspect of your life. Wants to know how your boyfriend is doing? where he took you on your birthday?, why you argued with him the other day?. At times, ladies like friends like that, because they think he is being caring without trying to get involved (because he knows you have been taken). He ask those questions and makes a lady feel she can confined in him when she has relationship issues. Maybe, he cares about you or maybe he wants an update just to know if and when he stands a chance. And I say yes.


Gifts and Compliment

He will always be showering you with gift, especially gift that are romantic like flowers, perfumes. He compliment you in most of things you do, show encouragement and makes you feel special. He picks interest in the things you love. When you put on a new dress he usually tell you how beautiful the dress look on you. 


Always Wants To Be Around You

He becomes almost protective of you , especially when your partner isn’t around. Always wanting to be by your side at any given opportunity. Volunteering to accompany you to official trips, run errands, even to the church. It‘s just a way for him to show you he is actually capable of filling that space incase it becomes vacant eventually or even over throne the supposed king himself.


He Talks More About You Than Him

When a guy likes and is interested in a lady, he would like to listen to her more, not only for information but also to help watch his words while he is speaking to her. Notice that, he says little or nothing about his relationship with women because he wants you to believe that he is always free, available, vacant, name it. Anytime you are sitting with someone who is interested in you, most of the discussions will be about you the lady, and that’s because he wants to know you well enough to know the right cards to play when he is ready to.


Established Eye Contact

The saying that “the eyes can’t lie” comes to alive in this context. The way he looks at you says a whole lot, and mind you, am not talking about those crazy guys that look at you in an offensive way staring at you with animalistic eyes that sometimes make you feel he is taking off your clothes with his eyes. I am talking about that innocent gaze, that hooked eye connection, steals glances from time to time, then that’s definitely something. You can also see the passion from his looks like he wants to kiss you.

Again that communication, he wants to talk to you, not to show off his ascent but to prepare himself, try starting up something with you. For him, it’s like a practice ground for him. “Besides the best way to learn a language is by speaking it” the right words can go a long way in situations like this. When they are not speaking, say something, when they are talking just listen. 

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How To Know When a Guy Is Interested In You
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