The mobile phone market like any other market has suffered from the hands of imitators who have perfected the act so much that it is not easy to differentiate between an original phone or a fake one. A fake phone is less costly compared than its original counterpart, but scrupulous sellers in the market are ready to rob you of your hard earned money by giving you less for more.


Have you taken time to find out if that phone you invested so much on is even the real deal? If not, continue reading. Are you about to buy that expensive phone? I like to advice that before you reach for your ATM card stop and read our tips below.


  1. Comparison Test:

    Do a quick comparison of the phone in question with an original one. Look closely at the unique features of the phone. Most expensive phones are manufactured with high quality materials so look out for any slight shabbiness. This method is not so reliable.


  1. Check online:

    Check the website of the phone’s manufacturer to read everything you need to know about the phone. For instance if a phone comes with glass screen and stated on the site but the screen of the one you are about to buy is made of plastic. Beware, the chances of it being a fake are high.


  1. Specification Test:

    Carefully read the product specification on the box of the phone and compare it with that in the phone by checking the ‘About phone’ from Settings. Once you observed that there is no correlation you should know that it is a cloned phone. However, if there is no box then check the site.


  1. Specification Detection App:

    You can download an App called Antutu Benchmark from Google Play to help you detect full specification of your phone and device name. If it shows names different from the supposed one then you know it’s fake.


  1. Conduct Software Test:

    iPhones run on iOS (exclusive to Apple) while a fake one only run on Android as their OS and are not Java capable. iPhones come with iTune App Store and not Google Play. Also, an iPhone is connected to iTunes and possess an iCloud account for synchronization. Check the software of the phone in question.


  1. Serial Number Test:

    iPhone users can check the serial numbers of their phone from ‘About phone’ through Settings>General and after you have discovered it, then type the number into the search bar at this site The warranty period of the phone will show if the phone is original but if you see something like this;

How To Know If Your Phone Is Original Or Fake1

then it implies that the phone is likely to be a fake!


  1. IMEI Test:

    This method is the best method to adopt and you can do that for androids and other handsets too. The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a (15-digit code usually starts with 35) number that every GSM, CDMA, iDEN mobile phones and some satellite phones carry. An IMEI number can be found under the battery compartment of your handset you can also dial *#06# on your handset to confirm it. After dial, it will be displayed with or without pressing Send or Ok key on your screen.


The IMEI number can be used to prevent any stolen device or phone from having access GSM network. If your phone is stolen all you need to render the phone useless to the thief is to instruct your network provider to ban the phone using your IMEI number. This will be done even if the phone’s SIM has been changed. The two IMEI test are:


Test A:

After dialing the code copy down the number correctly. Now check the 7th and 8th digit of the code. With these two digits you can verify if your phone is original or not. Check the values of the 7th and 8th digits from the chat below:


Value on 7th Place Value on 8th Place Expected quality of your mobile
0 2 Very bad
2 0 Very bad
0 8 Not bad
8 0 Not bad
0 1 Good
1 0 Good
0 0 Best
1 3 Worst – Dangerous for health

For example if the 7th and 8th digit of your phone is 0 and 1 respectively, then it means that your phone is of a good quality. This method however, might not work with some phones.

Test B:

After locating your IMEI, visit and input your IMEI in the box.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Original Or Fake2

Hit check after inputting. All the information about the phone will be displayed as seen below.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Original Or Fake3

However, if the information displayed is different from the phone’s, then it is a fake one!

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