In relationships, you get to hear all sorts of stories of how some men behave in their dealings with the opposite sex. When it comes to the area of relationship, men can be classified in various categories of which one is being a player. Why would a man choose to become a player? Here are possible reasons:

  • He’s not just ready for anything serious so all he wants is to have fun
  • He sees no need to stay committed to just one partner
  • He’s probably in a relationship with you simply because of what he can get from you
  • He’s a casanova

To know a player, look out for the signs below:

Seasonal affection:

A player would shower affection on you only on some occasions. Probably those times he feels he can get something from you. Any other signs of affection he pours on you may be out of pretence. Notice those times he’s nice to you and you’ll find out that it’s those periods he leans or relies more on you.

He gives excuses:

A player would always give excuses to everything. He would also find lying very easy for him. His tongue will be so smooth that words flow easily from his mouth. It’s very easy to believe such a person because they are good at it. They are smooth talkers. If you’re very observant, you’ll find out that the things they say are very believable.

He wants you for your body:

All a player wants is physical pleasure and nothing more and to them a relationship is not complete without such. He doesn’t mind using sweet words to entice you to give in just so he can satisfy his lustful desires.

The relationship is parasitic:

When a player is in a relationship, that relationship is parasitic. He tends to benefit from the other person and isn’t ready to compromise or bend. He collects but doesn’t give.

He has no vision:

A player doesn’t see the end in sight. All he cares about is the now. You won’t find him discussing matters relating to the future or plans with you. Whenever you try to bring up that subject, he quickly waves it aside or procrastinate. To catch him red handed, put him on the hot seat and ask him those questions he always tries to avoid answering.

He’s not that into you:

A guy who is serious about you will make you the centre of his world. He’ll always want you around him but if he acts otherwise then he’s a player.

He keeps secrets:

A player would hide the truth from you. He wouldn’t open up to you but keeps things to himself.

He’s not concerned about you:

A player wouldn’t care about your personal goals and dreams because to him they are not important.

He breaks promises:

A player can make empty promises and not fulfil any. He’ll make you believe he’ll honour them but he won’t.

It’s painful being in a relationship and later discover that you’ve been with a player all along. Watch out for those signs and beware!


How to Know He's a Player
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