I sometimes hate it when I hear that voice from my alarm clock saying “it’s time to wake up, the time is….”when all I want to do is to go back to bed and sleep. I am very sure a lot of people feel the same way too. The way you begin your day will in the long run determine how the rest of your day will be. We often hear people say “he woke up from the wrong side of the bed” and vice versa. In a busy country such as ours, how then can we start off our day?


Wake up:

Sleep can be very tempting and sometimes hard to control if you allow it so rather than yearning to the call of sleep, simply drag yourself out of bed knowing that you have a full day ahead of you. If you use an alarm clock like I do, you may tend to turn it off when it sounds and continue your sleep, I tell you; you don’t want to do that!


Spare Some Time:

If you have some time to spare, you can read or meditate. Everything you do starts in the mind so preparing your mind for the day is essential.


Have The End in Mind:

“Better the end of a thing than the beginning,” so says the holy book. Focusing your mind on the results of your achievement from the onset of the day might propel you to start on a good note.


Be Optimistic:

There’s nothing like being optimistic about things in life. No matter how bad that job seems or how lazy you feel about getting out of that bed, be open minded, be optimistic and look forward to what the day has in store for you. Smile and be cheerful.


The Early Morning Buzz:

Some people need an early morning boost to start the day so if you are one of those who likes to drink coffee then please do. Coffee is a stimulant which helps some people stay alert but take it in moderation as you know that too much of everything is bad. Knowing what works best for you is ideal. But generally, taking something light in the morning will energize you for what you have planned for the day.


Traffic! Traffic! Naija Traffic!

This is one word that never leaves the mouths of Nigerians. Knowing the state of our Nigerian roads and how it can be in the early hours of the day will definitely motivate you to get ready for the day. Of course, being mobile makes it a lot easier to move around but notwithstanding, traffic jam affects everyone. In order to therefore prevent this, it is best to leave your location on time to arrive at your destination.



When you finally arrive at your destination, try to prioritize your daily activities. This will help you to be more organized in order to effectively get your work done. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, you still need to plan your day to get things done. In prioritizing, having a to- do list will better organize you.

Someone once said “whose day wouldn’t hold promise with a fresh, bold attitude to begin it?” It’s all in the attitude.


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