The holiday period can be very interesting as well as exhausting especially for parents and caretakers. For the kids, it’s a different ball game entirely because they are wired to play, play and play though the younger ones are more prone to this. Irrespective of their ages, children still need to be monitored as long as they are under your watch. It is true that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, while considering this, it is equally important to mix up various activities for your kids this season. Here are ways they can be kept busy:


How to Keep Kids Occupied During the Holidays


After series of homework, tests and exams from the past term at school, it is cool for them to wind off and relax. You’ll wonder how kids can relax. Let them watch their favourite kiddie’s shows in the television. You can spoil them a little bit by allowing them watch what they want though censored or placed on parental guidance control. I am not saying the entire duration of the holiday period should be spent just watching cartoons and the likes; but they can be allowed to do this for a while just so they can unwind.



Aside their school work, children’s intellect can also be built or improved by playing board games. A lot of board games are available in the market such as monopoly, chess, checkers, scrabble, ludo, word mole etc. Your kids can be occupied through these games. They’ll enjoy it.



If you’re a stay at home mum, I am very sure you could do with some additional help around the house. Children should be trained in all aspects both domestically. The holidays is the perfect time for your kids to learn one or two skills in the home. While cooking meals, they can learn a thing or two. Most kids these days are so spoilt simply because they have maids who do all the work. Depending on the age of your child, they can learn to wash some clothes, do some minor cleaning which will not only keep them busy but instill hard work in them.



Children sometimes learn when they are in the midst of their peers. They can be allowed to visit their friends or let their friends come over but do not leave them unsupervised. You can organise competitions amongst the kids in anything like a spelling bee competition, etc.

The holiday season can be fun for both you and your child or children. If you intend keeping them indoors, ensure there are things to make them occupied. They can also watch educative channels or movies and asked questions afterwards. This is to ensure they learn something. There are lots of skills they can learn this period like swimming lessons, baking lessons, cooking lessons, joining a book club etc.

Children need our guidance. Make this holiday worthwhile for them.

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How to Keep Kids Occupied During the Holidays
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