Going out on a date is an experience everyone hopes to indulge in not just for the fun of it but with the aim of getting to know your date better. People feel differently when preparing for a date. Some feel nervous, shy, insecure, and hopeful while anticipating the best outcome of that date. A lot of mixed feelings arise from this first-hand experience. You’ll find out that the persons involved have one aim in mind and that is to please the other.

While feeling butterflies in your stomach, what can you do to make a good impression on that first date? Here are some ways:




One thing your date will first notice about you is your dressing. It is very important your dress sense at this time speaks highly of you. I am very sure you would have already picked your outfit for this occasion. Ensure it is smart, up to par and that you are attractive and irresistible. I am not saying you should dress provocatively but bear it in mind that this is the first step to having that relationship you want. First impression matters a lot and lingers for a long time.

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While trying to impress your date, it’s necessary you are who you are and not what someone else wants you to be. Displaying a false impression of you will in no time blow up on your face. You can pretend for a while but it’ll definitely catch up with you.



It’s nice to be a gentleman on such occasions. Little acts like opening the car door, pulling out the chair for her to sit on, a peck on the cheek or hands are gestures that please a woman. You might think they’re not important but they go a long way in impressing the other person. For the lady, smile, be appreciative of these gestures; a simple thank you would suffice.



To show up on a date, a lot of preparation would have taken place so the little you can do is to tell the other person how nice they look; they’ll appreciate it.

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When going out on a date, the setting of the venue matters. Choose a place you think your date would like. For a first date, going to a nice and quiet place with soft music in the background will do just fine but the food served there must be superb. This will aid your conversation and spice things up a little.



One key thing in communication is the art of listening. While on a date, pay attention to what your date says so that you can always make reference when communicating. This shows you’re a good listener and makes the other person feel important.

At the end of the date, let the other person know how much you enjoyed their company and how you look forward to having more dates with them.

A first date should be fun, interesting and one you’ll always remember. So make it count!


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How to Impress Someone on a First Date
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