A lot of things happen in relationships that we sometimes fail to take note of or we simply ignore for the basic fear of not wanting to be alone. If you’re in a happy relationship, you don’t need anyone to tell you; you’ll just know and the people around you will notice it. But if you’re not happy in your relationship, I am very sure that there are obvious signs you might have noticed but chose to ignore.

Here are some of those signs:

Be observant:

Whether you like it or not, those signs are there. I think people sometimes love too foolishly that they knowingly do away with those signs. Study your partners’ behaviour towards you to be able to unravel them. These signs may take longer than expected but always know that a leopard cannot change its spots. No matter how hard your partner tries to pretend, his/her true nature will manifest one day.

Follow your instincts:

Often times our guts don’t lie to us. They tell the truth. Do not ignore that constant gut feeling you have concerning your partner rather yield to it. You’ll be glad you did.

Limit trust:

A lover that cannot be completely devoted to you does not deserve you. Once you start noticing those unwavering acts from your partner, you need to limit the trust you have for him/her so you don’t get burnt.

Put him/her to the test:

You can test your partner in several ways to find out if their actions towards you are genuine. There’s nothing wrong in doing this. It doesn’t necessarily mean you you’ve lost all trust for them. It simply helps place you in check and safeguards your heart from future heartbreaks.

Lack of attention:

If you notice that the attention span of your partner towards you has reduced, figure out why and if you can’t find a genuine reason for this, know that this is a sure sign you should be wary of.

Rate communication:

Those who are in love or in a happy relationship find time irrespective of how busy they are to communicate with one another. If there’s a decline in yours with no form of improvement then know this is one of those signs to take note of.

Erratic behaviour:

If your partner shouts or gets angry unnecessarily then be warned. Such a person looks for a slight opportunity to raise his/her voice at you. If such a behaviour tends to be violent in nature that relationship needs questioning.

Unsatisfactory answers to questions:

Your partner may want to evade questions you might throw at him/her. You may get incomplete answers, beating about the bush or no answers at all.

Love lost:

They always say “there’s no love lost between them.” Well, in this case what you have is the opposite. The love or sparkle that used to be in his/her eyes is no longer there.

When it comes to matters of the heart, one needs to be wise and smart so you don’t get jilted prematurely. Look out for those warning signs.



How to Identify Warning Signs in a Relationship
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