Every individual is unique in his or her own way. We are sometimes born with innate abilities while some others acquire skills as they make progress in life. Whether they are in born or not, if left untapped; they will die out. If you acquire skills and do not work on them, it is possible to forget that they are even there. To stay relevant in our society today, a lot needs to be done to ensure that those skills remain important and make impact.

Here are ways to nurture those skills:

Attend seminars and trainings:

This will enable you network with other like minds and talents. A lot can be learnt on such seminars and also help improve your skills. No man is an island and as such, you can’t know all there is to know all on your own. Some seminars are free while some have to be paid for. Look for the ones that best interest you and attend. No knowledge is lost as you might not have need for such knowledge instantly but it may come in handy later in the future. Mix with people who are experienced in specific skills, ask questions and learn from them. You can equally get a mentor.

Challenge yourself:

All around us, there are competitions. All you need do is do your research and look for such opportunities to showcase your skills. By so doing, you challenge yourself, learn from any mistake and aspire to be better next time.


The knowledge one acquires cannot be taken away unless it’s not been used and managed properly. Researching and looking for relevant information on your skill will do you no harm. Read wide and make good use of that which you have assimilated.

Put them into practice:

Whatever your skills are, constantly engage them and put them to good use so they don’t go extinct. If you love to play the guitar and have the skill set to do that, practice playing from time to time or even join a band so that you can get better at it. If you love to bake, continually make cakes and pastries for people or for family so you don’t completely stay out of touch with that skill. If you have skills for bead making and the likes, practice often. There’s a difference between knowing something and applying that application. Practice makes perfect.

Don’t give yourself too much breaks:

There is a high tendency of forgetting vital parts of your skill if you give in to too much breaks and space in between. If you have a passion for those skills, then you should not be laid back about utilizing it. It should be something you do often. Even if you relax or go off it for a while, you should bounce back speedily. Do not rest on your oars.

Always want to know more:

Do not be satisfied with the level your skill is at the moment. Aspire to upgrade it in order to become the best.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge,” so says the holy book.


























How to Hone your Skills
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