Lagos is a very interesting and fun place to be in. Those living in it can attest to this fact. Whether you reside in or you are a visitor or passer-by, Lagos is one of the cities you would want to associate yourself with. The only reason you might not utilise its full potential is if you fail to explore. If you’re looking to have fun in the city of Lagos, here are a few places to visit:

Lekki Conversation Centre:

If you’re in love with nature then this is a nice recreational place you must visit. It is a cool place to appreciate life and nature. Here, you get to see all kinds of wild life and amazing tall trees. It is a good spot for tourists.

Sheraton Buffet:

Do you know that most hotels like Protea and the likes have buffet nights? But I recommend Sheraton hotel’s buffet night. Aside the cosy and serene environment coupled with a live group of singers entertaining visitors with cool flow of music, assorted foods abound. At this buffet, you get to choose from a variety of meals ranging from all sorts of rice to chicken in various forms to fish to ice cream to cakes to African dishes of all types and other exotic dishes. Here, the fee you’ll pay will be worth it because you’ll leave there content. And of course, you’ll meet diverse kinds of people there.

Tasty Fried Chicken:

This eatery can be found in most places in Lagos. If you’re looking for a place to get really good meals, you should try TFC. I know it’s a popular eatery but it is simply off the hook. It’s a cool place to hang out with family and friends. They have assorted meals like yamarita, burritos, shawarma, Tanta rolls, vegetable salad (simply yummy) etc. A trial will convince you.

Kentucky Fried Chicken:

If you’re looking to taste a wonder made chicken in batter, KFC is it. Their burger tastes like heaven and their chicken is delightful.

Bogobiri Restaurant:

This is a cool place to spend with friends. It’s surrounded by African artefacts and jazz bands. Their garnished African dishes will leave your mouths watering and your taste buds longing for more.

Terra Kulture:

If you love the arts, music, drama and performances then this is the place to be at. It is a place that brings together diverse talents. Have you ever heard of Taruwa? Its one event you don’t want to miss. Keep your ears to the ground.

Some places to have really nice pizzas are Domino’s pizza and debonair pizza. Shop rite is also located in most places in Lagos. It’s an interesting venue for a day out for both friends and family.

There are lots of other places to have fun in Lagos. You cannot get bored in Lagos unless you do not know the right places to go to. Live life, have fun and enjoy every bit of Lagos. You’ll be glad you did.




How to Have Fun in Lagos
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