Criticisms are sometimes hard to accept not because you don’t want to but because of how they make you feel at the point it is meted out to you. Criticisms are given for so many reasons one of which is to correct your errors, shortcomings or mistakes. The thing is that some people do not take criticism well and so find it difficult handling it when it occurs which can lead to more problems. Some reasons this is so is because:

  • He/ she feels proud and just don’t want to accept or take to corrections

  • He/she thinks they know it all

  • He/she feels looked down on

There are certain ways criticisms can be handled and they are:

No one knows it all:

One thing you should realise is that no one knows it all. We learn everyday and as such you should be open to criticisms despite the form it appears. Wherever you find yourself whether in your own business or at your place of work; you cannot do without being criticised. It is a part of life and one you cannot do without in your dealings with people.

Learn from it:

Criticisms should make you a better person. Be it good or bad, there’s always a lesson or lessons to learn from them. Just see it as a learning process and don’t let it get to you.

Be humble:

Humility is a virtue one should sometimes have especially in your relationship with people. It can be annoying or seem belittling at times when your boss at work criticises you about your job duties. Don’t take it to heart and listen to what he/she has to say, put it to practise and continue with your work. This is how to grow. You may sometime in the future do the same and what you have learnt would help you be a better boss.

Pay attention:

When you’re criticised, it’s very easy to neglect the reason this is happening. Listen closely, try to find out why it did and try not to make it happen again. Some people may want to argue with their bosses just to prove a point but at this time, it’s best to just stay quiet and listen.

Make efforts:

The criticisms given to you should help you perform better at what you do. Strive harder to do better and in no time, you will.

Don’t over think it:

Hearing criticism from someone especially from your superior can be disturbing. But in as much as it has to do with your job, do not let it affect you too much. If you do, you might miss out on how to rectify the situation or lose focus on what needs to be done. Do the needful and you’ll be okay.

Ask questions:

Assess the tone used in giving the criticism and ask questions for clarification. This will aid you in making adjustments.

Like Kelly Clarkson says “whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”

How to Handle Criticism
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