Have you ever wondered why some times while removing your panties, you get an ooze or strong smell? This isn’t good and if not careful can distort your overall body smell. There are several reasons one gets a vaginal odour such as poor hygiene, yeast infection, gonorrhea, tight clothes, STD’s etc. As a woman, it is essential to practice proper personal body hygiene not just to your vagina but to every part of your body.

The tips below will show you how to get rid of that vaginal odour:

Be clean:

Some people feel they have to use their sponge to scrub that part of the body to be clean. For a sensitive part as that, you don’t really need to; all you have to do is use a mild bathing soap in the area and rinse with water. Then ensure you dry the area with your towel. Most of the time, people leave out this important aspect when bathing. They fail to dry that area and so wet residue gets on their panties which may make it smell. Also ensure you air dry your panties after washing them. Let the sun heat them so they dry properly before wearing them. Wearing panties that are not well dry can make your vagina area have a foul smell.

What type of panties do you wear?

The type of panties you put on also plays a vital role in ensuring you are free from bad smell. Panties made with cotton are ideal for any woman because they allow for air rather than the synthetic types. Regularly change your panties daily and don’t just assume that because you can’t see any dirt on them that means they are not dirty. From time to time, equally buy and replace them.

If you discover that the odour emanating from your vagina is caused by an infection, you can try these home remedies to combat it:

Consume plain yoghurt:

Yoghurt contains lactobacillus which is a healthy bacteria found in yoghurt that helps to regulate the vagina’s PH level. It can help to control that vaginal odour. It can also be applied to the vagina.

Apply garlic:

Garlic is known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. In form of a paste, it can be applied on the vagina and washed off after a few minutes. It reduces vaginal odour.

Vinegar and salt:

These can be mixed and put in water. Sit on it and you’ll feel relief as this combination helps maintain the vagina’s PH level.

Baking soda:

Mix baking soda to your bath water and sit on it for some minutes, dry that area with a clean towel and the vaginal odour will leave.


When alum is mixed with water, it can be used to wash the vagina thus reducing that odour.

Drink cranberry juice:

This juice is acidic in nature and reduces bacteria count in the body. Taking an unsweetened one will control that vaginal odour.

Change pads regularly:

When on your menstrual cycle, endeavour to change your sanitary pads regularly as you all know that stale blood smells and could lead to vaginal odour.

Generally, maintaining a good hygiene is of utmost priority to having a vagina free from any odour.

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odour
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