Losing your phone can be very painful because you lose your contacts, private pictures, videos etc. More important than that is the fact that the phone containing sensitive information which could find its way into the hands of a third party. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing your private picture on the internet?!


You can save yourself the embarrassment by using the modern technology on the web to locate your device, wipe your phone or even lock it. The good news is that your phone is not yet lost and you could prepare now. Here are a few of apps that you can use to achieve these feats.


Google? Yes! Google is one search engine that is becoming very useful indeed. Early this year the company unveiled a new feature that lets you search your Android phone or tablet with Google’s search engine on your computer based on some requirements.

Find my phone1

How does it work?

  • Log in to the same Google account on your PC that you use on your phone. Please note that the latest version of the Google app must be installed on your phone for it to work.
  • Type “find my phone” into the Google’s search engine on your PC.
  • Google displays a map that attempts to zero in on the location of your device(it shows the location onthe map that’s accurate to a certain distance)
  • After locating the device on the map, you can ring it by clicking on the icon for Ring on the map. It will ring at full volume for up to five minutes.



This app is available for free on Google Play Store and will help you locate your lost Android phone using GPS. All Android phones now come standard with the pre-installed handy Android Device Manager. What it does is that it helps Android owners to track their phone’s last known location and this is achieved by visiting the app’s Web Interface. Once properly set up the app would be able to track you phone, lock the device remotely, wipe the memory and/or set off a ringing alarm even if the phone is in silent mode. You can set new password from your computer if you don’t want to wipe the phone memory. It operates within 60 feet away from the phone’s location.

 android device manager

How do you set it up?

  • Visit the app’s webpage
  • Link your Android phone with your Gmail account
  • Test it



This app is also available on Google Play Store at no charge. The app is a property of Family Safety Production and uses superior phone tracker technology. The application provides real-time location updates i.e. as the phone moves the location is seen as it changes. The GPS direction it gives is accurate which is made possible by its superior technology. It also tracks the cell phones of any family member who syncs his or her phone to the program. You can delete messages from a tracked phone with the app. The app can be set up by visiting the application’s easy-to-use website and synchronizing your phone.

 Find my andriod phone

 From the website you can see synced phones’ location on the real-time map.



This is an incredible application that stands out in finding lost Android phones. It is a free app available on Google Play Store and it is packed with fantastic features and benefits exclusive to it. With the device you can forward text messages received on your phone directly to your email and you could also send text messages from your computer. With this app you can activate a remote controlled alarm even if the phone is in Silent Mode. Also you can wipe any content from your lost phone, forward all calls sent to the phone and send a pop up message to the thieve to return your phone ASAP. Lost Android seems to be ahead of the pack with the long list of functions and benefits available to users.

Andriod lost

Other features are:

  • Remotely wipe the memory of the phone or SD card
  • Start a flashing screen alarm on the phone
  • Start/Stop the device’s Wi-Fi and GPS functions
  • Locate the phone via GPS or network connection


Whichever one you choose, be sure to be cautious as to how you go after the phone thief because some of them are armed. If you are in doubt call the police to help you. Best of luck!

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