After concluding my research, I discovered quite a number of online hotel search engines and sites. Most of which are international while few are indigenous. The internet makes it possible for the international sites to cover Nigeria hotels too.

Now for want of time I only wrote on following companies in no order whatsoever


This is an online travel agency with specialty in booking hotels online within Nigeria. The site provides among other things recommendations and reviews of hotels for clients making hotel booking seamless. There are 7,203 hotels registered on the site for clients to choose from. With head office located in Yaba, Lagos, is a making waves with top-notch hotel booking services.


Features of the site

  • Artistically designed site with low graphic for smooth browsing.
  • Online booking and payment options
  • Great hotel description with high quality pictures
  • Price of each hotel is displayed prominently for ease of comparison
  • “Add your hotel” button for hoteliers to add their hotels effortlessly to the site.

How to use the site to search for cheap hotels and make payment

  • (i) On your browser type,
  • (ii) Enter your location or hotel name in the search bar on the site and hit search
  • (iii) From the options ,make your choice and refine your search
  • (iv) To make payment click on the book now button then provide the required details
  • (v) Select the option ‘How would you like to pay’ to determine your payment option either Pay on Arrival or Pay Now (Prepay for booking) is also available for download on all platforms for mobile booking and payment.



This is one of the best online hotel booking site in Africa. On the site there are more than 25,000 hotels in Africa, 2,000 hotels in Pakistan and over 200,000 all over the globe. The company was founded by Africa Internet Group (AIG) the owners of Jumia, Kaymu, Hellofood, Carmudi, Lamudi, Zando, Lendico and EasyTaxi. Other partners include MTN, Millicom and Rocket Internet.

jovago nigeria

Jovago have offices in Lagos, big cities of Africa and the rest of the world and travel specialists in their hundreds who are in constant touch with customers.

Site Features:

  • Neat and easily navigable – getting from here to there is seamless.
  • Language choice – English, French, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa language can be selected.
  • Easy prices comparison.
  • Online booking management.
  • Great deal availability i.e. hotels with special promos are prominently displayed.
  • Newsletter subscription attracts a 15% discount on first booking.

How to search on the site

Searching for or booking cheap hotels on this site is done in three easy steps displayed below: Nigeria

Check out Jovago site: for details. If you want on-the-go service, Jovago App is available for free download here.



This is an indigenous site, Nigeria’s first and leading online travel company. It offers flight booking services, hotel reservations, airport pickups, visa assistance and vacation packages among other travel services. The company was established in 2008 and is fast growing. The site is a fully loaded and easy to navigate with more than 532,000 hotels and apartments on it.

How do you find cheap hotels on the site?

Go to and once there type into the search bar your destination, city, district or hotel then hit ‘Search.’ Hotels in the location requested will be populated and displayed on the site with their prices. You can then make comparisons and before choosing. You can refine your search by filling the spaces for ‘Check-In,’ ‘Check Out’ and room category. Payment option on the site is either Naira or US Dollars. Finally, click here for your Mobile App downloads it is available in Apple App and Google play store.



This is an international site offering online hotel booking services. Agoda has listed hundreds of thousands of hotels and provides services in 38 languages. was established by Agoda Company Pte Ltd in 2005 and was acquired by Priceline Group in 2007. The company has presence in major cities in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

 agoda Nigeria


You can select your preferred language or currency (Naira, Dollars or any other one) on the site. Tracing a perfect hotel based on price is quite easy, just enter your destination, city or landmark then hit ‘search’ and in few seconds hotels in that locality will be displayed for you to choose. Note that it is possible to refine your search by adding your Check-In and Check-Out time as well as room type. Agoda is also available as mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows phones, feel free to download any for your use anytime and anywhere. For further details, go to



This is an international hotel accommodation booking site with Headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offices across Europe. is operated by L.P. an affiliate of Expedia Incorporated. mobile and tablet apps are also available for customers to download for free. With the app there is access to 20,000 last minute deals for mobile customers.
Hotels Nigeria

Making a search on the site is easy. Just type in your destination in the Hotel search bar on the site and all the hotels in that vicinity will be populated then displayed. You can then compare the prices and make your booking. To get a more refined result you can fill time to Check-In and Check-Out also room type. Check out for details.



This is an international site that provides the best hotel deals for customers and visitors. They use technology that draws information across all top travel websites around the world which include, Expedia,, Agoda, Venere, LateRooms and other. HotelsCombined, in a smart way partnered with those locations online to build one of the world’s largest hotel price comparison search engine. The site displays available hotels and price deals in real-time. One of the features is the multiple of currency available on the portal and the languages.


To use HotelsCombined, enter your destination, location, region, city, etc in the search bar on the site, then hit ‘Search.’ You can also refine your search by adding your Check-in and check-out time (if you have already) as well as the type of room you want. After hitting ‘Search’ every hotel in that area that fit the requested description would be displayed for you to compare and choose. For mobile inclined customers, you can download the App for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones. Visit for details.


Please do note that the author of this write up is no way acting as agent of any of the sites. It is not for promotional but informational purpose only.



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