Christmas is that time of the year a lot of people view as the wallet emptying period. The time to spend all that savings from you have worked for since the year started. A time for endless partying and celebrations enjoying life to the fullest as they say. But do you really need to empty your bank account while doing that? Or borrow and steal in order to measure up to standards. The answer is no!.

Do you know you can spend nothing while celebrating Christmas. You don’t have to count your Christmas worthless because you don’t have a dime.

Here are ways to enjoy Christmas with little or no money;


Contrary to spending extravagantly on Christmas period, it’s a time to be with loved ones. You can dedicate your time to visiting family members, relatives especially the ones you haven’t been in touch with for a while. By doing this you will cut out the finance part and then add value to your family ties with these people you chose to spend quality time with. You will be happier, fun-filled and learn new things (you haven’t seen them in a while so one or two things must have occurred in your absence).



Some people might ask why but if you look at it, the less you go out the more you are unlikely to spend. Instead of going out with friends and be forced to buy this or that why not have them over to the house. Instead of going to the cinema to spend money on high priced movie tickets, you can do that at home with friends and enjoy yourself more than you can imagine.



If you are the type that like giving out expensive things to friends on Christmas as you exchanged gifts. Try simplifying it by exchanging things you already have. Besides is there a rule that says you must buy a gift before exchanging?. Make it like a theme thing so you all don’t have to spend lots of money trying to find that perfect gift for a friend. Let your friends bring things they have in exchange for other things they might want. This could be fun too, especially knowing that you didn’t have to choke your wallet to get a gift.



This season is meant to be a period of showing love and lots of it. Embark on a projects to make people happy especially the ones you know that don’t have as much as you do. Visit the orphanages, motherless babies homes if you must go out. If not, there are always people in your neighborhoods whom you know needs help or are in not so good conditions. Reach out with what you have, probably foodstuffs, clothes you wear or don’t need anymore. Embarking on projects like this, helps you evaluate the means of managing resources. Who said Christmas is only for the rich!.



If you want add more vibes to your Christmas, making new good friends will go a long way. New friends won’t just expect you to spend on them, if such comes up educate him or her on how much more there is to do apart from spending money. If he/she is the alcohol freak tell them to bring a bottle while coming on a visit, that way you cut down bills on your part. Trying to learn good stuffs from them and vice versa will add values to you. And if you meet the right ones you will be happy you did.



Especially in churches, there is always a space to fill, join a group that you have an interest in. Celebrate the season with them, you will have more fun. Do things you don’t do regularly, spread your wings and engage in services that will benefit others and you might be rewarded in return. All these will make you happy, fulfilled and you will find out how much fun you have had in this season. It will give you a new perspective of life as you would have made more friends and strengthened your ties with your long lost loved ones/ relatives and family members. Indeed showing love is what the season is about, so make use of what you already have.!

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 How To Enjoy Christmas With Little or No Money
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