Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you do things because of what people would say? Do you love yourself? Are you your own best friend? One of the reasons people have low self-esteem and low self-worth is simply because they haven’t developed a very good self-body image of themselves. Not portraying a good self-image can lead to the following:

  • Low morale
  • Inferiority complex
  • Low self-worth

Here are ways to develop it:

Believe in yourself:

Having a good self-image has to start inwardly because it is what you have inside of you that projects outwardly. If you think negatively about yourself, you’ll attract negative things towards you but if your thoughts are positive, you’ll attract the positive things of life.

Dress well:

The way you look matters a lot and says so much about you. If you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself and when you get compliments from people on how you look, you’ll equally feel good. So look good always.

Build your charisma:

Your charisma can be seen by all; in the way you speak, act, carry yourself and behave. You can read motivational books that will help build your charisma. It cannot be built in a day; it has to grow and be nurtured. When you’re in tune with your charisma; you’ll definitely feel good about yourself which will in turn strengthen your body image.

Be comfortable in your skin:

Many times, people want to be who they are not. They go the extra mile just to be like someone else even if they feel uncomfortable. To have a good self-image, you have to be you. You have to be happy with who you are and do the things that will make you happy. Wear clothes you’re comfortable in and eat what you enjoy eating.

Do what you enjoy doing:

What are the things you like doing that makes you happy? Indulge yourself and do them. Don’t make other people happy at your own expense. First be happy and then you’ll be able to make others happy.

Don’t be moved by what people say:

Sometimes, people are affected by certain words they hear which might distort their image. At times, let words go through one ear and pass through the other. To be happy in life, you need not worry too much about hear says.

Love your body:

Whether you’re fat or thin; the best you can do is to love your being. If you need to do some exercises to remain in shape then do just that. If you need to eat right to maintain that look then do. Whatever you have to do to keep loving that body of yours should be done.

Expand your horizon, read books, gain knowledge, improve your intellect, avoid limitations, don’t let anyone belittle you or make you feel bad and aim high. All these add up to improve one’s self-image. You can do it!

How to Develop a Good Self Body Image
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