From time to time, it is important to undergo body detox because there are benefits that can be derived from doing so. Aside this, you’ll be doing your body a lot of good through this process. It would interest you to know that some of our intake end up becoming toxins in the body which ought to be removed. Detoxification helps get rid of those toxins in the body. If you’re wondering how to go about this, the following tips below should do the magic:

How to Detox your Body Naturally


As easy as it sounds, water should be a man’s best friend as it causes no harm to the human body. Intake of water can never be too much. The body needs it because it helps to flush out any harmful toxin that might be in the body. When you drink a lot of water, you pass out urine and in the process, harmful wastes are also passed out.


If you plan on successfully detoxifying your body, then you need to work on your diet and what you eat. There are certain substances that should not be ingested at this point such as coffee, alcohol, sugar and certain fats. For a total cleansing, concentrate more on eating foods that have fiber and take lots of fruits and vegetables. You cannot maintain your normal diet in order to detoxify; ice cream, snacks, junk food won’t do you any good at this point. Moreover, you know that these things add up so the earlier you start working on your diet, the faster you’ll be at having a good body detox.

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With how busy our environment is, it may sometimes be difficult to avoid some air pollution caused by fumes from cars, machines, smoke from fire etc. All these when inhaled are not too good for the body. Always have a handkerchief or little piece of cloth with you to cover your nostrils if the need arises.


Some people work year in and out without taking proper care of themselves. Accumulated levels of stress affects the body and causes harmful toxins in the body to react in certain ways but if your body is free from stress or has a reduced level of stress, it won’t be affected that much by toxins. Learn to have enough rest as it is also a way to have a body detox.

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When your body engages in vigorous workout as a result of exercising; it makes you sweat thus leading to the elimination of toxins in the body.


Intake of Five Alive and the likes should be avoided as they contain preservatives that may be toxic to the body. It’s better to go for the natural fruits instead. Making a juice cleanse is also an ideal way to detox. All you need is to combine different fruits together, extract the juice and take them religiously. It should serve as a meal for you to aid cleansing.


Some foods that aid body detox are spinach, leafy greens, citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, cabbage, carrots, ginger( helps the liver produce enzymes that detoxify the body), avocado and lots more. All these allow toxins to be purged out during the detox. Some herbs that can be used are Alfalfa leaf, Cilantro, Wormwood, Dandelion etc.

Body detox is not for lazy people. If you want to do it, you have to go the whole nine yard.

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How to Detox your Body Naturally
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