To drive a car on Nigerian road one of the major requirements is for you to have a minimum of Third Party Motor Insurance Certificate. This is enshrined in the Section 68 of the 2003 Insurance Act which states, “No person shall use or cause or permit any other person to use a motor vehicle on a road unless a liability, which he may thereby incur in respect of damage to the property of third parties is insured with an insurer registered under this Act.”


But besides the legal aspect of it, do you know that there is N1m property damage cover and unlimited life cover to Third Parties on your Insurance Certificate? It is a sad situation in Nigeria that people are ignorantly or willfully (because of cost) purchasing fake certificates. My people, the bible says, perish for lack of knowledge. According to The police 90 per cent of Third Party Motor Insurance Certificates presented to them on demand by motorists at checkpoints are fake!


Ordinarily it is quite difficult to different between an authentic and a fake certificate because of the quality of the finishing of some of the certificates. But in 2012 the industry inaugurated the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID) with the mission to wipe out fake papers to give room for genuine ones to boom in the nation. This will allow law enforcement agents and vehicle owners to verify the authenticity of motor certificates within a minute! The Police now will be able to detect with a certain electronic device in their possession if your certificate is real or fake. Please do not be caught unawares, read on to find out how to detect the fake one yourself before it is too late.


There are three methods to it.

  1. Call NIID

Call NIID on 07011784884 or 08030400804 and give them details of your vehicle for verification.


  1. Send SMS:

  • (i) Text the policy number on your insurance certificate and the plate number of your vehicle
  • (ii) Send it to 33125
  • (iii) Expect the prompt reply


  1. Verify Online:

  • (i) On your browser type then click go
  • (ii) On the Home page click on check policy after which you will be taken to another page
  • (iii) On the next page you will see “Step 1. Select either single or fleet.” From the drop down menu below, select single (for one vehicle) or fleet (for multiple vehicles).
  • (iv) After selecting Single or Fleet, another menu will appear with, “Step 2: Search by Policy Number or Registration Number.” Choose Registration Number in case the policy number is unknown. Impute the Registration Number of your vehicle.
  • (v) Click the “Search” bottom below and wait. After a few seconds of searching depending on your internet connectivity a message will be displayed. You will either see Image A or Image B below. One other thing is that the site would even show you if your certificate of insurance have expired so that you can renew it to avoid driving with an expired one.

Image A:

 Nigerian Insurance industry database1



Image B:

 Nigerian Insurance industry database2

If image A appeared to you, then it means your certificate is fake but if the second, then you are home and dry. Celebrate the data base of NIID has your vehicle.

You can send me an email or leave your comment if you need authentic cover.


How To Detect A Fake Third Party Motor Insurance Certificate
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