Ulcer is one ailment that is very painful and people who have experienced this before can attest to this fact. Most of the time, people complain of stomach pains which vary. These pains can be caused by a number of factors so it’s best to see a doctor to identify the main cause of that pain so that proper treatment can be administered. Likely symptoms of ulcer are

  • A sharp pain in the stomach that is persistent
  • Heart burn
  • Acid reflux
  • Bloating
  • Refusal to eat

Here are ways to deal with it:

Mind what you eat:

There are certain foods that should be avoided at least until you are completely healed from it. Such foods include deep fried foods, food with too much pepper in it (because it only worsens the ulcer), milk (because it makes the stomach produce more acid), alcohol, coffee (because it irritates the ulcer symptoms), foods with spices like garlic etc. Citrus fruits should be avoided as they agitate the state of the ulcer.

Understand your body:

Our bodies are different and what works for one may not work for the other. Study how your body works and know what food aggravates the ulcer; you’ll know by how your body reacts to certain foods you may eat.

Eat in small portions:

It’s not advisable to eat much at once. Try eating small portions of food from time to time as food will easily get digested as opposed to when you eat larger meals. Do not eat too late as well to avoid having more pains.

Eat more of some certain foods:

Foods rich in fiber help to promote healing of the ulcer fast and they also aid speedy digestion. Foods such as oatmeal, apples, whole wheat pasta, berries, and beans.

Take your medications:

If your doctor prescribes drugs for you, take them religiously and as when due. It may take a while for healing to take place so exercise patience as the pains of ulcer can be really uncomfortable but in time, you’ll feel a lot better.

Avoid taking some medications:

There are certain pain relievers that should not be taken when you have ulcer because they worsen the symptoms. It’s preferable to use a milder pain reliever but make sure you consult with your doctor before using any prescription.

Some home remedies to ease that ulcer:


Honey is known for its natural healing properties. It can be used in place of sugar and added to food like tea, pap, custard etc.


This is equally a good remedy for stomach ulcer. Cut it in pieces together with some sticks of carrots and blend. Extract the juice and drink regularly.


Bananas help reduce acidity and inflammation in the stomach. You can eat them fresh or make juice out of it.


This has anti-bacterial content that kills the bacteria that causes the ulcer. Drink the water that comes with it and also eat the white part of it. Do this from time to time.

All these will take time to effect but in time, the ulcer will disappear.



How to deal with Ulcer
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