Life comes in various stages and getting married is one stage in the life of every young lady. The day she walks down the aisle is probably one of the happiest days of her life. While going through this stage, one thing she must realise is that she still has a long way to go. Being prepared for what comes next in life is paramount to achieving all she desires. The joy of being called a Mrs. Somebody can be very thrilling and exciting but are you ready for the journey ahead?

How to deal with that transition:

Brace up your mind-set:

It all boils down to being matured and knowing what you are in for. Once this is known, the rest as they say is history.

Be ready to be Selfless:

This is the time you no longer think of yourself alone but now put the needs of others ahead of yours. As a wife, you may have to compromise a lot just so peace can reign. I am not saying you have to neglect your own happiness but you might have to be diplomatic about some issues so everyone is happy.

Be accommodating:

Learn to embrace both the good and bad sides of your spouse as no one is perfect and no two persons can be the same. There’ll be issues but knowing how to manage them will make all the difference.

Be ready to be a mother:

As a wife, one of the joys of motherhood is bearing children. You should be prepared to be a mother together with all that comes with it.

Be patient:

You’ll definitely be angered and annoyed by your children, husband, in laws and loved ones. It is sometimes hard to curtail that display or show of anger but try as much as possible to deal cautiously with everyone. Know that your actions are being watched by the people around you especially your children as you are a perfect example to them.

Be ready for challenges:

If life can be full of challenges, how much more a marriage? Whether you like it or not, you’ll encounter some challenges not because you want to but because it’s inevitable. We don’t pray for such but you’ll have to prepare yourself for it so that when it occurs, you can find ways to tackle it.

Be ready for changes:

The life of a spinster is far different from the life of a married person. Bear it in mind that your way of doing some things will have to change since your status has. You’ll have to consider the effect your actions will have on the people around you before embarking on anything.

Be prayerful:

The world itself is a wicked place and a lot of people are hoping to be in your position. You need to pray a lot so you are not affected by the evils around.

As you move from one stage to the next in life, make sure you learn from them so you can do better in the next.

Good luck on your transition!



How to Deal with Transition from Spinster hood to Motherhood
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