Setbacks happen in everyone’s life knowingly or unknowingly. Most of the time, they happen when we least expect them to which leaves us frustrated or devastated. One thing to note is that setbacks happen for so many reasons; some good while some not so well. When these setbacks occur, how do you take them? Do you accept them with arms wide open or do you react to them? The most important aspect of setbacks is how you handle them when they do occur.

Here are some ways to deal with them:

Don’t be in denial:

Don’t ignore the fact that this setback has happened. The sooner you realise it, the better. Once you come to terms with it then you can focus on moving past this stage to the next.

Determine to forge ahead:

It’s not the end of the road neither is it the end of the world. Despite what may have happened, make it a point of duty to excel in life and don’t get weighed down by it. In every disappointment, there’s always a blessing; try to see the good in any setback. Do not be myopic but look ahead.

What could have gone wrong?

Sometimes when you go through a major setback, it’s good to reflect on what happened and try to reason out why it did. Thinking about it can’t hurt you, it would rather give you a different perspective on why certain things occur. It would make you stronger and prepare you for greater things in life.

Expect the unexpected:

So many things in life cannot be predicted. Nobody is perfect and as such we all work towards perfection. Anything can happen in the twinkle of an eye so it’s best to brace up yourself so that when it does occur, you won’t be shocked.

Be brave:

Being brave amidst setbacks can be hard but you need to be strong. It’s okay to feel sad but don’t let it affect your entire being. Cry if you want to but don’t cry too much. When next you feel like crying about it, remember that no solution comes out of it; just your tears. The extent to which you’re brave will determine how fast you overcome this setback.

See it as a challenge:

Let this setback propel you to aspire for more out of life. Pick one or two lessons from it and move on. Do not give up for as long as you’re alive, you can be great.

You need some space:

If the setback was gotten as a result of a failed project or failed relationship, you need some time to adjust and plan ahead. Do not quickly embark on another one but allow yourself to heal emotionally. When you feel you’re strong enough to, then go ahead.

Some setbacks are actually a blessing in disguise. Such setbacks need to occur for you to achieve greater things in life. You might not understand this at the time it happens but you will in no time.


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