At a point in everybody’s life, there are bound to be regrets. Regrets come in different forms; people regret their actions or decisions made, they regret certain stages in their lives. Some even feel remorse and wish they can start all over. A lot of things can make people regret and make them act in ways they ordinarily would not. Life itself can be hard so not knowing how to handle regrets when it comes can pose problems for you.

How to handle it:

Deal with that emotion:

Feelings of regret if not properly managed can degenerate into something devastating. It can lead to frustration, anger, depression, hatred and even harm. There are things that might have happened to you that you wish you could change but the truth is that you can’t. It has already happened. Learn to face the music and don’t let that emotion get the better part of you.

Go to the beginning:

Whenever you start feeling regrets, go down memory lane. Whatever the situation, think back to how it all started. Is it a broken relationship, a loss, a betrayal, a failed marriage? Really look back and ponder. I believe there must have been something good from the onset, right? It couldn’t have been all bad. Know that despite how you feel, you were happy at one point in your life. Be grateful for that.

Look beyond the now:

Things happen for a reason. Any experience you go through should be a learning phase as we all progress from one stage to the next in life. In years to come, you may look back and be glad that you went through that process. A lot of people hope to have such an experience and end up not having it. Count yourself lucky!

Cut yourself some slack:

What has happened has happened. Do you want to kill yourself? Give yourself a break. We all make mistakes as no one is perfect. Having regrets is part of life.

Don’t dwell so much on it:

If you focus so much attention on your past failures, you’ll miss out on opportunities that may come your way. You’ll be so clouded and blinded by blames you put on yourself that when something good is right in front of you, you just won’t see it.

Attempt moving past that phase:

Moving on can be a hard thing to do especially when you’re so hung up on things you didn’t or haven’t accomplished yet. The things you regret now will one day be a thing of the past.

Think of a happy moment:

Think of a time when you were really happy and try to re-enact that or relive that or just go to a place that makes you happy. If it means hanging out with friends who’ll make you forget those regrets then do.

One thing you shouldn’t do is to withdraw and be on your own. This is not the time for that. Be around people who care.

Just like the popular song in Annie’s movie which says” the sun will come out tomorrow so you got to hang on till tomorrow.” Always know that when one door closes, another will open.


How to Deal with Regrets
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