To those who have experience muscle pull before, I believe it’s not an enjoying feeling no matter how short the duration is. When it occurs, it distracts you from whatever it is you were doing at that time and all you want is for that pain to leave instantly. So many things can lead to it such as fatigue, strain and occurs mostly around the thigh region. Some of its symptoms are inability to move with that leg at that moment, a sharp pain around the affected area, and sometimes swelling. If you experience these symptoms, here is what you can do to gain relief:

Rest that muscle:

Immediately you start feeling that pain, abandon what you’re doing and relax that muscle. This is because if you continue what you were doing irrespective of the pain you feel, it might get worse. So to prevent this from happening, take a rest until that pain disappears.

Use ice:

If there’s a swelling, the ice would help reduce it and also reduce the pain. Place ice on the part you feel the most pain. Do it at intervals and you’ll feel relief.

Place the leg on a raised platform:

When the affected area is raised on something above the ground, it’ll not only help to reduce swelling but also relax the strained muscle.

Use a pain relieving drug:

If the pain becomes too intense, take a painkiller like ibuprofen which will ease the pain.

Apply massages:

When you massage the affected area, heat will generate and allow for free flow of blood to that area. Massaging will ease the pain and reduce swelling if there’s any.

Reduce strenuous work:

Even if you feel some relief from the muscle pull, do not resume any work or activity that will stress you. Allow your muscles some time to heal. Engaging in any strenuous work might just bring back the pain and worsen it.

Apply heat:

Applying a heating pad or warm cloth to the affected area will give you a lot of relief.

Epsom Salt solution:

Covering the area with a mixture of this salt and water will ease the pain. It’s best to soak the area in this solution so as to get the full effect. The effect of the magnesium in the salt will have an impact on the muscles. It’ll help to reduce any unforeseen swelling.

Do a little stretching:

When you feel a little bit of relief, try stretching the area gradually so that there will be blood flow. Don’t just remain in one position for too long which can even add more cramps.

Understand your body:

Your body gives signs so pay attention to even the little ones so they don’t escalate to something big you may not be able to control.

To prevent further occurrence, work on your posture and ensure you maintain a right kind of posture. Don’t lift things that are too heavy and eat well. Ensure you eat foods that are high in calcium and potassium which are good for the bones.


How to Deal with Muscle Pull
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