A lot of women if not all experience menstrual pains. It is a necessary part of every woman’s’ life. We all know that it is not a very funny ordeal; not only is it painful, it is equally uncomfortable. Some have very serious cramps while some experience a mild version of it. Symptoms of menstrual pains are:

  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea

Some women experience all these symptoms while some just experience a few of them. While going through this monthly, what measures can be taken to enjoy the process?

Watch what you eat:

It is the time of the month when you have to be conscious of the things you eat. There are certain things you take that will only make it worse. Sugary substances should be avoided as it will only aggravate the pain and make the flow heavier. They also raise your blood level which will leave you feeling irritable. Eat healthier food like vegetables, fiber filled foods and foods high in potassium like banana. Foods high in Vitamin D are also helpful; some examples are fish, egg yolk, milk, cheese, dairy products etc.

Use heat pads:

Placing something warm on your stomach will help to reduce the pains. It will help reduce your muscles and make you feel better. You can also take a hot bath. Application of heat improves the flow of blood in the body. Taking hot liquid will also help.

Reduce intake of coffee:

If you’re a coffee lover, try abstaining from it because it makes cramping terrible and restricts blood vessels.

Visit your doctor:

Pay your doctor a visit as he or she can proffer pain relieving tablets to ease the pains.

Try exercising:

As uncomfortable as you may feel, doing some exercises no matter how little will certainly make you feel better. Don’t just stay in one position but move around. As you exercise, the cramps reduce. Massaging your back and stomach also helps. If you cannot do it yourself, get someone to assist you.

Ease off stress:

Let your stress level be reduced. Take out time to rest and don’t over work yourself.

Wear loose clothing:

Ensure you wear clothes that are free at the stomach region because you’ll feel very uncomfortable if you do.

Drink lots of water:

From research, it has shown that dehydration worsens cramps so try taking a lot of water during this period.


Grate ginger, soak it in hot water and drink it. You’ll feel relieved afterwards but you have to do it continuously for it to have effect.

Reduce your intake of salt because it can cause bloating. Above all, understand how your body works, when its getting close to the time your period will start, ensure you start putting these things into practice early enough and you will find out that the pains will be minimal. Once your cycle is over, you can resume your normal activities or way of life.



How to deal with Menstrual Pains
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