Love is a beautiful thing and a wonderful feeling. Anyone who has fallen in love before will definitely say so and even more. But at the same time, love can be painful. How can something be sweet but yet painful? A lot of people go through all sorts of emotions all for the sake of love. Some situations where this can happen are as follows:

  • When you love someone and it is not reciprocated

  • When you love someone who also loves you but he or she is with someone else

  • When you love someone who loves someone else

  • When you give your all in a relationship and you get nothing back in return

If you ever find yourself in such a dilemma, here’s what you can do:

Appreciate love itself:

Sometimes people forget the importance of love when they are in a dire situation. First appreciate the fact that you had the opportunity to love and be loved and know for a fact that you can love again.

Try to let go:

It really hurts if you’re going through the lists above. It’s like an ache in your heart that you can’t do anything about. It’s also hard letting go of someone you really love. But what can you do? The only option is to let go.

Keep a distance:

There’s really no need being in a relationship you’re not happy about. Love shouldn’t be selfish nor one sided. If you feel you can deal with constantly feeling that way, then good luck with that but if you can’t then do something fast about it. If you’re not in close proximity with that person, try to keep and maintain a distance. I tell you, it’s a difficult thing to do but it’s necessary.

Distract yourself:

The mind is very powerful. It’s amazing how the mind can easily drift. If you’re not careful, all you’ll be thinking about is that person and you’ll keep relieving all the times you spent together which might be devastating for you. Do all you can to make you forget that person because you’ll only hurt yourself in the process.

Don’t give up on love:

Most times when people are in such situations they get so weighed down that they vow never to love again or let anyone in again. This is normal but don’t let it get to you too much.

Try to see the good in it:

Things happen for a reason. The fact that you have no love life at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t have one some day. In some years to come, you might be glad that it happened that way. Some times the way you want things to be might not be what is good for you.

Try looking beyond love:

At times people love with their heart and not their head. Feelings of love clouds the reasoning of some people. When faced with such a situation, ask yourself some questions like is he/she really good for me? What am I gaining from such a person? Is it really worth it?

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t kill yourself over one person all in the name of love simply because you feel good about it. You know deep down in you, you are screaming “am hurting.” Just be you and do what’s good for you.

How to Deal with Love when it Hurts
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