Loneliness can be a terrible experience for anyone and if not managed properly can lead to something dangerous. There are several reasons people feel lonely such as:

  • Lack of a love life or someone to show care
  • Being a loner and finding it hard mixing with people
  • Problems they may have and refusal to share with others
  • You have the mind-set that no one can understand what you’re going through

A state of loneliness can sometimes propel people into depression, frustration, suicidal feelings, rejection and feeling neglected. If you find yourself in such predicament, there are certain ways you can deal with it so it doesn’t change who you are or distort your sanity.

What to do:

Make yourself happy:

The truth is you alone have the power to make yourself happy and no one else. You’re the only one that knows the thoughts that go through your mind and they can be channelled to something positive. Make a conscious effort to detach yourself from that state. The feeling of loneliness is an internal struggle you have to deal with first before any other thing. Do the things that make you happy!


No matter how hard your situation is, always have a positive mind set. Believe that everything will be fine and you’ll attract the positive things of life.

Go out:

You feel lonely more when you’re on your own. Although there are certain times you feel the need to be by yourself, try to go out more often so you can interact with people. When you constantly have a rapport with people, the feeling of loneliness will gradually diminish.

Talk to someone:

There’s something about bearing your heart to someone; it gives you relief. If you can talk about the things bothering you, you’ll be freeing up space on your mind and heart.

Be around family:

If you’re not comfortable being with friends at least be with family members. They love you no matter what.

Watch movies:

Watching movies either at home or in the cinemas will help lighten up your mood. Comedy movies are preferable because they’ll make you laugh. Some nice movies to watch are: Friends, Girlfriends, two and a half men etc.

Have post it notes:

Have post it notes you constantly read to yourself. You can in scribe motivational sayings on them to encourage you daily. You can paste them on your wardrobe, fridge or mirror. Let them serve as a reminder that you need to be happy.

Have a pet:

If you’re the type that loves animals, having a pet should do just fine. Animals like dogs, parrot can keep one company.

Invite friends over:

No man is an island. You can occasionally invite your friends to your house. Not only will they keep you company, you’ll feel loved and appreciated.

I was read somewhere that just because you feel lonely doesn’t mean you are lonely. And just because you feel lonely now doesn’t mean you always will. It is a temporary phase that will surely pass if you allow it to.





How to Deal with Loneliness
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