Constipation can be very uncomfortable and if I am correct, any one that has experienced it before will say the same. One is usually not oneself when constipated and until bowels are free, you won’t feel at ease. Major causes of constipation arise from cases of indigestion and some symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in stooling
  • Very hard stools
  • Pain in your abdomen
  • Not passing out all stools at one go
  • Feeling bloated

Find remedies below to ease that constipation:

Change your diet:

Once you notice that you’re constipated, quickly change your diet. Take fruits like orange, pawpaw, pineapple or a combination of all or some which will aid bowel movement. You can also take foods high in fiber like sweet potatoes, carrot, oats, cabbage, lettuce, popcorn, walnuts, beans, pear etc., which will soften the stool. Cereal like fruits & fiber is equally good for bowel movement. Avoid taking too much carbohydrates at this time because it will only make your stools harder and even prevent it from coming out. Also cut down on snacks and bread.

Drink water:

Water is good for easy bowel movement. When constipated, drink water from time to time. Your bowel might not loosen up instantly but it will gradually. If the constipation is not really serious, taking water alone will do the trick but if it is then you would have to consider taking other things together with drinking water.

Condition your mind:

Whether you like it or not the mind plays a fast one on us. When you want to use the toilet, focus and don’t get distracted so that the stool can easily come out. If your mind is fixated on something else, you may find it difficult passing it out.


Mix lemon in warm water and drink. Take it from time to time and you’ll see some changes.


This can be used as a natural laxative. Simply mix it in water or add some drops of lemon to it and drink it. It should make you feel better.

Olive oil:

Taking a few spoons at least thrice a day would help soften your bowel.


Mixing grated ginger in warm water and drinking also helps.

Aloe Vera:

Mixing juice together with aloe Vera is also a good combination to ease constipation.

Mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with water and drink it at least twice a day.

Spinach mixed with water can also be used to ease constipation.

Are you aware that there are light exercises you can do to ease bowel movements? Simply inhaling and exhaling and moving the stomach (when it contracts) in and out helps your bowel movements.

Stress makes a lot of people eat unhealthy foods because they do not have the time to cook their meals so they end up eating junk food. To completely avoid constipation, particular care needs to be taken regarding what and how you eat. Ensure you eat a balanced diet together with fruits and be assured of a wonderful free bowel.


How to deal with Constipation
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